Is Antalya safe? Learn This in 3 Headings

Antalya, which is among the rare cities in the world in terms of accommodation diversity, has more than 1000 hotels with ‘Safe Tourism’ certificate. These certificates are given by international tourism platforms to organizations that provide accommodation services by paying attention to the smallest details. Is Antalya safe? You will find the answer to the question in this content.

Is Antalya safe?

Turkish citizens have stood out with their hospitable identity for centuries. They display a respectful and caring attitude, whether they are their own citizens or citizens of different countries. This ensures that the crime rate is low throughout the country.

This rate is even lower, especially in Antalya, which is considered the tourism capital. Since Antalya is a city that reflects your country’s image, security measures are stricter.

Security practices in Antalya are stable and the local government, police and other relevant institutions are constantly working to ensure the security of the city. High-level security services are available at airports, hotel areas, night clubs, historical sites and shopping malls.

To increase the safety of tourists, police patrols are organized throughout the city and increased security measures are taken in tourist areas.

Basic Safety Precautions

Those who want to spend time outside the hotel for city tours, night entertainment, special activities, shopping, and daily tours should take personal and basic security precautions.

During day tours and night entertainments, it would be better to hand over your valuables to the security department of the hotel and go out instead of taking them with you. Carry only your card or enough cash when going to shopping malls. Almost all shopping malls have currency exchange branches.

You can pay with foreign currency to buy souvenirs or visit markets where products of local culture are sold. Local tradesmen accept payments in dollars and pounds, especially in euros.

Is Life in Antalya Safe?

People from many countries open businesses in Antalya and sell services and products. For example, you may encounter many foreign sellers in local markets.

The people of Antalya, who interact with tourists from different countries, are open-minded, moderate people because they know many cultures. This is one of the main factors that make Antalya a safe city.

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