The most popular holiday destinations in Turkey’s Aegean region

If you’ve been dreaming of holidaying on one of the Aegean coasts all winter long, you’re not alone. When most of us think of summer vacation, we imagine ourselves in the arms of the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Luckily, summer is here and right now is the time to plan! If you haven’t decided which Aegean coast to holiday on yet, I have listed the most popular Aegean holiday destinations for you. Your part is to choose which town you want to be in and then enjoy the summer.

If you are ready, we start with Çeşme, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts of the Aegean.

Cesme, Izmir

Cesme Izmir

When it comes to the Aegean Region and holidays, the first thing that comes to mind is Çeşme. Çeşme, the most preferred destination among the Aegean holiday destinations, hosts thousands of tourists every year. Meeting all expectations from a sea holiday with its deep blue sea and clean beaches, Çeşme is one of the best addresses in Turkey for those who want to enjoy entertainment on holiday with its beach clubs and entertainment venues.

When you go to Çeşme, you should definitely swim at Ilıca Beach, Boyalık Bay, Pırlanta Beach and Delikli Bay to enjoy the Aegean coast. You can also do windsurfing on these beaches, which have crystal clear seas and white sands. If you want to take a historical trip after enjoying the sea, you can go to Çeşme Castle. Since it is located in the center of the town, you can also taste the famous mastic ice cream at the famous ice cream shops you will see on your way to the castle.

There are many accommodation facilities in Çeşme. Beachfront Izmir hotels and boutique hotels are among the most preferred accommodation options in Çeşme. If you choose among the hotels located in the town center, you can easily reach different Aegean coasts.

Alaçatı, Izmir

izmir alacati

Although Alaçatı is a town in the Çeşme district, it is so popular among the Aegean holiday destinations that it deserves a separate title. Alaçatı is a true Aegean destination with its bougainvilleas decorating its cobblestone streets. Since Alaçatı is among the Aegean coasts most suitable for windsurfing, you should definitely try windsurfing when you come here. If you have never tried it before or are an amateur, you can also take lessons from the surf schools here.

After enjoying the sea during the day, you should also experience Alaçatı’s famous nightlife. If you want, you can go to the bars and restaurants in the colorful streets of Alaçatı, or you can choose the places in the town where you can have fun until late hours.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Alaçatı, you can stay in boutique hotels built in restored stone houses. Boutique hotels in Alaçatı are the most preferred among Aegean honeymoon hotels because they have a warm and romantic atmosphere. Of course, you should definitely book these hotels early. Especially during periods such as holidays, it can be very difficult to find a place in Alaçatı as it is very crowded.

Bodrum, Mugla

Bodrum Mugla

Another of the most popular addresses among the Aegean holiday destinations is Bodrum. It is possible to find an option for every holiday perception in Bodrum, one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Turkey. If you want to enjoy the Aegean coast to the fullest this summer, you should buy a Bodrum flight ticket immediately.

It is very difficult to choose which town to go to in Bodrum, where each town is beautiful in its own way, but among the most preferred are Gümbet, Yalıkavak, Türkbükü, Gümüşlük and Akyarlar. Bodrum hotels in each of these towns are quite diverse. If you want, you can choose all-inclusive concept hotels or stay in boutique or apart hotels.

If you want to go to the most beautiful beaches of Bodrum after swimming at the most beautiful beaches of the town you are staying in, you can choose Kargıcak Bay, Mazı Village, Cennet Bay and Camel Beach. Whichever town you vacation in, you should definitely go to Bodrum centre. In the center of Bodrum, you can visit Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum and Zeki Müren Art Museum during the day, and have fun until late hours in the evenings in the places where the heart of entertainment beats.

Akyaka, Mugla

Akyaka Mugla

Akyaka, located in the Ula district of Muğla, has become one of the most popular Aegean holiday destinations in recent years. Located in the heart of nature, among the untouched bays of the Gulf of Gökova, the town is also one of the quiet cities of Turkey.

The most famous spot in Akyaka is the Azmak River. You should not return without taking a boat tour on the river, where the water is ice cold. I’m sure you’ll find peace while sailing along the river. If you think you can stand the freezing water, you can swim in the river. However, you should not swim in areas where boats route, you should enter the water in the area reserved for swimming. If you cannot enter the cold water but want to swim, Akyaka Beach is waiting for you. The sea here is quite shallow and the beach has a blue flag award.

Those who come to Akyaka generally prefer to camp in the lap of nature. You can come here prepared for camping, but if you don’t have your tent with you, you can also rent a tent here.

Ayvalık, Balıkesir

Ayvalik Balikesir

Ayvalık, located on the borders of Balıkesir, is one of the sweetest Aegean destinations. It is especially one of the first choices of those who want to have an Aegean holiday without getting too far from Istanbul. It hosts thousands of tourists, especially in the summer months.

With its olive-scented streets and historical places, Ayvalık is an ideal destination not only for a sea holiday but also for a nice spring break. When you go to Ayvalık, you should not leave without watching the sunset at Devil’s Table and Heaven Hill. At the same time, if you return without eating Ayvalık toast and tasting the delicious flavors of the Aegean cuisine, you will not be considered to have gone to Ayvalık. You can choose the famous Sarımsaklı Beach and Badavut Beach to swim in Ayvalık.

You should definitely spare 2 or 3 days for your Ayvalık holiday. For this reason, you will need accommodation, but do not worry, accommodation options in Ayvalık are very affordable. I’m sure you’ll find an option that suits your budget in Ayvalık, where all-inclusive concept luxury hotels are not very common.

Cunda Adasi, Balıkesir

Cunda Adasi Balikesir

Since Cunda Island can be reached via Ayvalık, it is generally among the places to visit in Ayvalık, but it definitely deserves a separate title. The island, also known as Alibey Island, has a different location from other holiday destinations in the Aegean. Your holiday here will be a holiday of pure pleasure.

There are not many places to visit on the island, where you can feel like you are in a completely different place while walking on its streets, but you should come here for a pleasant holiday anyway. After taking a pleasure tour on the island accompanied by melon ice cream, you should sit at the famous Taş Kahve and enjoy Turkish coffee with mastic. To swim in the sea, you should go to Ortunç Bay and admire the fascinating view of green and blue. You should take a boat tour and explore the other islands around Cunda. In the evening, you should taste the delicious dishes of Cretan cuisine in Cunda’s famous restaurants.

Even if you came without planning to stay in Cunda, you will want to stay here after enjoying the island all day. Boutique hotels built on the stone houses of Cunda Island will be waiting for you.

Kuşadası, Aydin

Kusadasi Aydin

Kuşadası has been one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the Aegean Region for many years. In fact, Kuşadası is among the first tourism centers of Turkey. Kuşadası, which has hosted many civilizations in the past, is frequently preferred because it is very close to the Ancient City of Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary.

When you go to Kuşadası, you can start your trip with Güvercinada, the symbol of the island. You can swim in Güvercinada, which you can easily reach on foot from the center as it has a land connection to Kuşadası, or you can explore with organized boat tours. After visiting Güvercinada, you can walk to the center and tour Kuşadası Bazaar.

There are many beautiful spots where you can swim in Kuşadası. When you go to the Women’s Sea, you should definitely wait for sunset hours because the sun sets beautifully here. I recommend you spend 1 day in Dilek Peninsula National Park. There are four separate bays in the national park: İçmeler, Aydınlık, Kavaklıburun and Karasu Bay, and the sea is beautiful in all bays. However, if you are one of those who do not like to bother with going to different bays or beaches, you can choose among Kuşadası hotels with their own beaches.

Didim, Aydin

Didim Aydin

Didim, located in Aydın, is a holiday destination that will meet all expectations from the Aegean Region with its long beaches and clear sea. Welcoming tourists from many cities of our country and the world, Didim also offers the opportunity for a historical tour with the ancient cities around it.

You can start your trip in Didim with Didyma Ancient City, where you can see the Medusa statue, which is the symbol of the town. The Temple of Apollo in this ancient city also attracts the attention of tourists. Although it is a structure that is almost 2000 years old, it is very impressive that it has survived to the present day in a very well preserved manner. After visiting Didyma Ancient City, you can go to Miletus Ancient City. Since many philosophers lived in the region where this ancient city is located in the past, the ancient city is also known as the city of philosophers.

If you have completed your history tour, it is time to swim in the sea. You can start with Altinkum Beach, the most popular beach in Didim. The beach, which has a blue flag award, can be very crowded on weekends. Therefore, I recommend you come early. Manastır Bay, Cennet Bay, Akbük Beach and Dalyanaki Bay are other points where you can swim.

Bozcaada, Canakkale

Bozcaada Canakkale

Bozcaada, like Gökçeada, is one of the most preferred destinations in the Northern Aegean. If you want to swim in Bozcaada, the sea water is warmest between the end of August and the beginning of September. Outside of this period, sea water can be a little cold.

The most beautiful beach you can go to swim in is Ayazma Beach. Since it is the most famous beach of the island, it can be a bit crowded. After enjoying the crystal clear sea on this beach, you can also go to Akvaryum Bay, the most beautiful bay of Bozcaada. Since this place attracts the attention of many tourists, you may be uncomfortable with its crowding. If you want to go to a quiet beach, I recommend Beylik Bay.

To visit Bozcaada, you can go to Bozcaada Castle, Greek Quarter, Virgin Mary Church and Clock Tower. You can have a different experience if you include the famous vineyards and wine production facilities of this island in your travel plan. The Grape Harvesting Festival held in Bozcaada in September is also very famous, but Bozcaada hotels receive a lot of reservations during this festival period. If you go to the island during the festival period, do not forget to make an early reservation.

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