Ancient Cities of Lycia

Where is the Lycian Region? Which cities are located in Lycia? What remains of Lycia with its nature, history, culture and important cities?

Lycia, is a region in one of the most beautiful geographies of the world, with thousands of years of history, a unique natural beauty, a unique culture and still maintains its mystery despite everything. Sometimes the cities were states, sometimes the period of principalities was experienced, The province of Persia, Alexander the Great, Rome which has been Lycia; It is one of the places to be seen with its mythological heroes and legends.

Where is the Lycian Region?

Each corner of Anatolia was named with different names. Among them, without a doubt, the most famous and popular It is a Lycian Region. So where is this Lycia?

Lycia, which is located to the west of Antalya and Teke Peninsula is the region called. To talk in a little more detail, in the west From Dalaman River starting in the east To Antalya is the region up to. In fact, when a line is drawn from these points, Lycia is the region that is right to the south. To the west CariaNorth PisidiaEast Pamphylia and to the south Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by .

Regions in Western Anatolia

Licia civilized

Establishment of the Lycian Union Although the year 182 BC is mentioned in Egyptian sources; 167 BCThe date when the Roman Senate decided on the independence of Lycia is more accepted. It is a system that is called the best among the examples of democracy and in which 23 cities have the right to vote according to their size.

The political center of the Lycian Union, where the assembly is located Patara is. However, the largest 6 of the cities with this right to vote have 3 voting rights. These cities, which have already been mentioned, are also Lycia It can be said that it forms the basis of its history and plays an important role. In certain periods Xanthos, Patara, Myra capital To the Lycian cities Before I touch briefly Homer, Herodotus, Strabo Let’s see how historians like this have mentioned Lycia:

Homer (8th century BC):

1682553797 26 Ancient Cities of Lycia


“… The Lycians are commanded by Sarpedon and the impeccable Glaukos,

They came from distant Lycian countries,

Ships from Xanthos of Anaphore…”

The Iliad II. 876–877

“… I came to help from far away,

I came from Xanthos of Anaphor, far from Lycia.

My dear wife, my baby, my code is there,

A lot of my property codes that the poor will covet.

I drive the Lycians to war anyway

I’m at the front myself, look…”

Iliad V. 479-484

Herodotus (484 – 420 BC):

“As for the Lycians, these are From Crete they are coming. Sons of Europe Sarpedon and Minos fought for the Kingdom of Crete, and a civil war broke out. Minos won thanks to those who sided with him. Sarpedon and drove his friends out of the country; they migrated to Asia to the land of Milyas; for the land on which the Lycians inhabit today used to be Milyas, and the Milyasians were called Solyms. Until then, at the head of these shoots Sarpedon Had; they bore the same names as when they arrived. The neighbors of the Lycians still call them by that name today, Thermals they call it; Son of Pandion of Athens Lykos and was exiled by his brother Aigeus, came to Sarpedon, to the land of the Thermils, and henceforth gave these peoples the reproach from Lycous. Lycians has been said…”

Strabo (64 BC – 20 AD):

“Who shares the right to vote 23 cities Has. After choosing which city they considered appropriate, the representatives of each city would unite and meet there in a general congress. The 3rd largest of their cities, the medium-sized ones had 2 votes and the rest had 1 vote. They also paid the same amount of aid and other communions (public service with personal expenses). Artemidoros, of the six largest Xanthos, Patara, Pinara, Olympos, Myra and Tlos Says. At the congress they would first elect a Lykiarkhes and then the other officers of the league, and here again the general council of justice would be formed…”

Lycian Ancient Cities

1. Andriake Ancient City

1682553797 606 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Eyebrow, Kekova and Demre There is a great history that you pass by most of the time on the tours that you may not even be aware of AndriakeIn. Lycia’s One of the ancient port cities It’s time to discover Andriake. Moreover, the established Lycian Civilizations Museum An admirable museum that should definitely not be passed without seeing..

After entering through the turnstiles, you reach the place where the ruins are on a little foot. First of your trip Starting from the Museum of Lycian Civilizations with the remains of which after obtaining general information and the inscriptions found in the harbor, Roman period We recommend you to see the reenactment of the merchant ship. On your return, the agora, murex workshops, cistern, baths and churches will be on your way…

2. Antiphellos Ancient City

1682553797 258 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Antiphellos, present-day Kas just above the city called, Lycia in the language Habesos Called. About 10 kilometers away from him Phellos If we consider that the city was established as a port city; It is hardly surprising that over time it became a rich city.

Trade and sponge making It has made this city rich for centuries. Of course, over time, it ceased to be a port settlement and gained its identity as a city. In Antiphellos Many structures were built, the ones that have survived to the present day in their most intact form sarcophagi, rock tombs and theatre.

3. Aperlai Ancient City

1682553797 368 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Today, there is no land transportation, a small one whose name is not mentioned much It is a Lycian city. It is a port city Aperlai, located at the very bottom of the bay, at the beginning of the Sıçak Peninsula between Kas and Kekova.

There is not much left of the city, which dates back to the 5th century BC, and it must be said that it is a bit neglected. As in Kekova, here too are some of the ruins Under the sea it’s left. Of course, the fact that transportation is troubled can also be seen as one of the reasons for all this. In the Lycian Union He is also the head of the small federation established by four cities with 1 voting right. Other cities are; Simena, Apollania and IsindaIs.

4. Arachsa Ancient City

1682553797 782 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Located 40 km from Fethiye and 15 km from Seydikemer, it is located in the Lycian Empire. high It is one of the remaining ancient cities. Although you do not have the chance to see a dense ruin in Araksa, which is located in the Ören Village of Seydikemer, Lycia You can see the rock tombs that we are used to seeing in the cities.

Lycian name Araththi and hosting important cities Xanthos Valley Araksa, which is located in the upper parts, Christianity It is also one of the dioceses of the period.

5. Arykanda Ancient City

1682553797 60 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Located on the Finike – Elmalı road To Arykanda To reach it, it is necessary to make a sharp turn to the right on the main road and climb it. 35 km from Finike In Arif Village Located Arykandais one of the important cities of Lycia. Luwian meaning the place next to the high cliff Arykawanda The city, which is named after him, is located on the southern slope of the Bey Mountains. As the Luwian suggests, it is located right next to the high cliffs.

Excavations continue in the city, which has a history dating back to 2 thousand BC. In Arykanda, both A unique view As well as beautiful and important buildings are waiting for you. Covered for restoration floor mosaics, the ruins of the bath, the necropolis, the theater, the stadium, the agora and the adjacent odeon will be more than enough for you to come here. Especially Necropolis The area is quite interesting in Arykanda Monumental tombs in the form of temples its excess is remarkable.

6. Gagai Ancient City

1682553797 540 Ancient Cities of Lycia

In Lycian Gaxi named k, Rhodesians It is a city that is said to have been founded. You don’t have the chance to see much in Gagai, one of the small Lycian cities. There are structures such as baths, aqueducts, theaters, but they are not like what you will see in other cities. Almost in ruins Gagai, Kumluca Mavikent is located in the position.

7. Karymlassos Ancient City

1682553798 873 Ancient Cities of Lycia

On which it is located Teke PeninsulaIt was one of the authentic settlements of Kayakoy. However, Lycian Civilization was one of the ancient cities and was called “Karymlassos” was. Lycians Telmessos in Fethiye and Kayaköy Karymlassos they had set it up. When you think about it like this, you immediately realize that this place has a history of thousands of years.

It is known that the history of the village goes back to 3000 BC, but the unearthed oldest The finds date back to the 4th century BC. It’s exciting to even imagine the history of the 5,000-year-old village. Amasyalı Our Geographer Strabo For Karmylassos “You reach a steep mountain. Here is Karymlessos, inhabited in a narrow and deep stream..” has used an expression such as (Geographika- Ancient Anatolian Geography- Page:247) Strabo’s it is clear that Karymlassos was close to Telmessos.

8. Xanthos (Xanthos) Ancient City

1682553798 272 Ancient Cities of Lycia

In 1988 Xanthos (Xanthos) and considered the Sanctuary of Lycia Letoon With UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe city included in ;

The country of Lukka of the Hittites Awarna,

Lycian country Arinna,

One of the largest cities of Lycia,

During the Lycian Union One of 6 cities with 3 voting rights,

Going to death for the sake of independence a dignified city

Even the above is enough to explain why Xanthos is so important. Xanthos When it comes to everyone’s eyes, erected mausoleums though, it’s a city that has a lot more than what’s in the city right now.

Xanthos (Xanthos) Ancient City To understand how important it is, you need to visit the British Museum in addition to the ruins. Charles Fellows, In 1838, during his tour of the region, he discovered Xantos. Xanthos (Xanthos), Lycia and the most important pieces of Anatolian history began to be taken abroad from that time. The most well-known among those taken away are Nereidler Monument, Harpyler Monument and Lion TombIs.

9. Kyaneai Ancient City

1682553798 707 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Located 25 km from Kas, in the direction of Demre Kyaneaihas a history going back to the 4th century BC. Especially Cognition Center is considered as the spring and Apollo The city, where his temple is located, is one of the leading cities of Lycia. Located in Yavu Village Kyaneai and surroundings The most concentrated of the Lycian tombs and sarcophagi is the place. In addition to the very beautiful sarcophagi, the theater is one of the most robust structures you can see. Apart from these prominent structures, you can also see the remains of structures such as walls, cisterns, baths.

10. Letoon Ancient City

1682553798 925 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Letoon Ancient City, Maybe Sanctuary of Letoon It is more accurate to say this place. LetoonWorld-famous of Anatolia, Lycia of civilization religious center is the place called . Lycia, the land of light On the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the cities located. Letoon, to this list 1988 Located in the immediate vicinity of the neighbor Xanthos has been accepted together with.

Letoon, Lycian region cult center In addition to being a mythological story, the goddess who gave the city its name Leto and his twin children Apollo and Artemis the temples built side by side in his name, the holy water and 3 multilingual inscriptions is an important center that carries the traces of Anatolia and Lycia to the present day.

11. Limyra Ancient City

1682553798 519 Ancient Cities of Lycia

It is quite close to the center of Finike Limyrais one of the cities of Central Lycia. Zemuri in Lycian Limyra, which is also known as Limyra, is one of the leading and trailblazing cities of the Lycian Region. Especially in Limyra, which is one of the cities that must be seen with its stories, heroes and ruins, the works are still continuing.

One of the symbolic names of Lycia and Limyra, Perikle’s It was also built in the name of Limyra, which is the city of de Heroon In other words, there is also a mausoleum. Tebursseli and Xuwata Limyra, which also draws attention with its tombs, of Lycia in the period of the principalities it can be said to have some of the most beautiful examples. The city, which hosts serious works from different periods such as walls, necropolis, theater, heroons, Caesar’s monument, episcopal palace and church, Lycian Union During the period 2 votes he had the right. Along with Christianity To the Metropolitan of Myra It has taken its place on the stage of history as a subordinate diocese.

12. Myra Ancient City

1682553798 859 Ancient Cities of Lycia

One of the most tourist-attracting cities of the Mediterranean coast Myraimpresses with its theater and rock tombs. Myra, the rich city of the Lycian Civilization 2500 years of history, magnificent Lycian type tombs, theater and known all over the world Santa Claus(St. Nicholaos).

There are a few claims as to where the name Myra comes from. Generally known as “Place of the Supreme Mother Goddess.” Prof. Nevzat Çevik, the head of the excavation of the ancient city of Myra, said that the first name of the city was “Muri” says it is. The name Muri also changed over time “Myra” is pronounced as “.

In the Lycian inscriptions, “Myrrh” is the name of the city.

According to another rumor, the King of Cyprus Kinyras’ Myrrha It is born from the name of his daughter named Myra.

Yet another claim; The name Myra flows here Myros Teaoriginated from. Myros Stream is today’s Demre Stream. The origin of the name of the city is thought to be this tea.

In addition Myra It is also possible that his name may be a proper noun. However, it should be noted that during the period of membership of the Lycian Union, which was the most brilliant period, “The Brightest City” nickname, with this title he felt that he was above all 6 big cities.

13. Oinoanda Ancient City

1682553798 277 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Lycia’s north a city located on the border of Oinoandahas a deep-rooted history going back to the Hittite period. In Hittite Wiyanawanda Called. As a result of the studies carried out in the city, the buildings go back to the 3rd century BC. The Hittites, Lycia, or as it was called at that time, Lukka Although included in the territory of the 2nd century BC, the The towns of Kibyra, Balbura and Boubon has formed a quadruple alliance with . The Roman in 84 BC General Lucius Licius Morena when we dissolved this alliance To Lycia has been involved. Although Roman buildings are dense in the city, structures such as monumental tombs, agoras, gymnasions, baths and temples are among the things to see.

14. Olympos Ancient City

1682553798 492 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Olympos (Olympos) Ancient City, with its nature, history and culture, as well as our country, one of the most important regions of the world Lycia’s is one of the most important cities. Antalya’s Kumluca This city, which is also located in the district of Lycian Way it is also where one of its most popular trails passes.

Today Beydağları National Park located within the boundaries of Ancient City of Olympos Its name is 2365 meters high From Tahtalı Mountain Gets. Former name Olympos The city is also called by this name.

Although nowadays campers, become one of the favorite places of young peoplesa da Olympos actually Lycia, which is called the Land of Light, It is one of the important cities. It is so important that established It is one of the 6 largest cities of the Lycian Union with 3 voting rights.

15. Patara Ancient City

1682553798 157 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Patara Ancient City, the most important opening of the Lycian Region to the Mediterranean It was the port. Moreover To the Lycian UnionIn Capital city The city has lived on the shores of the Mediterranean for centuries with its magnificent buildings. We can call it the capital of trade in the Mediterranean Patara, is one of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to Lycia. In addition Christmas Father famed as St. Nicholas It is the birthplace of Saint Nicholas.

Fethiye and EyebrowYou have many reasons to drop your way to Patara, which is one step away from . 2020 Patara Year With its announcement, the importance of the city and the number of visitors are increasing rapidly. If you go to Patara, first visit the ancient city and explore, then cool off in the waters of the Mediterranean on its 12-kilometer beach. This is a magical place where you will spend a full day…

16. Phaselis Ancient City

1682553798 489 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Phaselis, Antalya It is an ancient city with a history of hundreds of years, established on the Mediterranean coast on its borders. His name is not known much, he is not mentioned much. But In recent years, Phaselis has become the address of those who prefer to swim (Phaselis).

Your way Belt If it falls on your side, it has trapped blue and green with its beauty. Phaselis Ancient CityBe sure to visit . The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean on the one hand and the lush nature of the Taurus Mountains on the other make Phaselis different and special.

Located on the Mediterranean coast Phaselis The city was of great importance due to its location. When you look at the legend about the foundation of Phaselis; Dor Origin Lakios It is known that it was founded by a colonist named in 691-690 BC.

17. Phellos Ancient City

1682553798 986 Ancient Cities of Lycia

One of the cities that is very difficult to reach is Phellos. Already his name is in Greek gizzard Means. Vehinda is the name of the city in Lycian. Phellos, one of the important cities of Lycia, may remind you of Antiphellos with its name. Already Antiphellos aka Kasis the port of Phellos. However, over time, with the location of Phellos in a steep, rocky region and the development of maritime trade, the port Antiphellos became a more important center.

About to go to Phellos, which is located in Çukurbağ Village of Kaş 25-30 minutes you also need to take a walk. There are not many ruins, but sarcophagi and rock tombs are among those you will see. Of course, it is also a very beautiful view…

18. Pinara Ancient City

1682553798 719 Ancient Cities of Lycia

One of the largest cities of Lycia, Pinara, in the Lycian Union 3 ratings It is one of the 6 cities with the right. Hittites Pina, while the Lycians Pinale The city he calls is 45 km away from Fethiye and is located in the Minaret Village. The last 3-4 kilometres of the road are quite troublesome and you go on a stony road. If your vehicle is low, we recommend that you do not enter the road. For this reason, the arrival of Lycia the most troublesome is one of the cities.

Mountains (Kragos) Located on the outskirts of Pinarais located on a place of rocky terrain. Especially when you approach the city, you will see hundreds of rock tombs on the rocky, steep hill that will be in front of you. With a walk, you can see the lower parts of them more closely. But there is a convenient that there is no hiking trail And don’t forget. In the city, where there are structures such as temples, agoras and baths, there is also a small theater It’s located. Go to the theater and go from there hundreds of rock tombs you can watch it.


19. Rhodiapolis Ancient City

1682553799 676 Ancient Cities of Lycia

It is very close to the center of Kumluca district of Antalya Rhodiapolis, located in Sarıcasu. Like several other cities in the region, Rhodiapolis is also Rhodesians and is therefore named by that namewishes. In Lycian inscriptions Wedrei identified with the city and The most famous philanthropist of Lycia called Opraomas city.

He was a famous philanthropist who made large donations to the cities damaged after the earthquake in Lycia in the 2nd century BC. Undergoing significant restoration work In Rhodiapolis Theater with Kumluca and greenhouse view, Mausoleum of the benefactor Opraomas Apart from churches, baths, gymnasiums, agoras, stoas, streets and monumental tombs are among the things you will see.

20. sidyma Ancient City

1682553799 405 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Located 50 km from Seydikemer Sidymais one of the small cities of Lycia. The city, which is a little remote due to its location, is located in Dodurga Neighborhood. A settlement that can be considered newer than other Lycian cities, Sidyma, It is a city of about 2 thousand years. Here are the ruins that will attract your attention the most in the necropolis Located sarcophagi. In addition to the Lycian type sarcophagus samples, Theatre, Stoa, Church You can also see the remains of structures such as

21. Simena Ancient City

1682553799 116 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Remaining in the eastern direction of Üçağız Kalekoy beautiful enough to leave your mouth open. The moment you come across the boat, you are greeted by a magnificent visual intertwined with the history built down the hillside. Kaleköy, which resembles an oil painting, one of the most precious in the Kekova region.

Here the first thing that will catch your attention what’s happening is at the top castle it’s happening, of course. Antiquity Simena City This is the Kaleköy of today. The ruins that have survived from the ancient city of Simena add a great mystery to this place. It will grab your attention second thing in the water sarcophagus it’s happening. This sarcophagus, which is the advertising face of Kekova, was left in the sea water as a result of the earthquake.

Simenawas one of the coastal cities of Lycia. Due to the strategic importance of its location, it is a place at the top. castle it was built, the defense and surveillance were done from here…

22. Telmessos Ancient City

1682553799 523 Ancient Cities of Lycia

The westernmost city of the Lycian Region Telmessos. The place that was originally called Telmessos is now It is Fethiye itself. Lycian Telebehi Telmessos, called Telmessos, in the 6th century BC Persia and then with 333 BC Alexander the Greatafter Rome and Byzantine (Eastern Rome) means distant land with “Makri” is named with the name of.

13th century Hinge Principalitywith the end of Byzantine rule. In 1424 Ottoman Fethiye joins the territory. The Lycian type rock tombs and theater belonging to Amintas are the most important remains to be seen.

23. THEIMUSSA Ancient City

Ancient Cities of Lycia

Some Kekova Village that’s where he says. Small, quaint, in its own right, quiet but also popular. In antiquity Theimussa Ancient Cityis the village where Üçağız is located.

Theimussa Ancient City‘s history goes back about 2500 years. Some of the surviving structures of this 25-century-old ancient city appear in the village of Üçağız. Especially sarcophagi and rock tombs Period by burial customs It gives you a clue about it. The neglected state of the tombs, which usually bear traces of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, does not go unnoticed.

24. Tlos Ancient City

1682553799 616 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Tlos Ancient City, in Seydikemer district of Muğla Province Saklikent Canyon National ParkIt is located in the upper parts of the Eşen Valley in the north of . When you go to visit the ancient city of Tlos, which is located in a position that we can generally call the Antalya-Muğla border; Fethiye, Saklikent, Yakapark, Xanthos, Letoon, Patara Do not forget that you are in the middle of beautiful historical and natural wonders.

If you ask what is the ancient city of Tlos…

Hittites Dalawa,

Lukka’s Tlawa,

Lycian Union 3 voting rights one of the 6 cities that have,

The hero who killed Chimera The town of Bellerophontes,

Lycia The city, which has the most beautiful examples of rock tombs,

Since 2009 UNESCO World Heritage Tentative ListLocated in Lycia one of the largest cities…

25. Trysa Ancient City

1682553799 316 Ancient Cities of Lycia

Frieze of Heroon of Trysa – Vienna Museum of Art History

Trusn in Lycian called Trysais one of the cities affiliated to the Lycian Union. The history of Trysa, which is slightly smaller than the others To the 7th century BC goes up. There is not much information and studies about the city. But in the 19th century, he was smuggled to Vienna. Trysa Heroon is the most well-known residue.

Located 15 km from Demre and 30 km from Kas, In the ancient city of Trysa Outside the Heroon, you can see the temple, fortifications and sarcophagi.

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