Antalya Private VIP Transfer – V Class Transfer Service

Antalya Private VIP Transfer content; If you are looking for a transfer service to the point you want in Antalya with V Class Mercedes vito cars with ultra-luxury design, you are at the right place. This service is a private transfer only. This service is personal.

Antalya Maybacah Transfer – Antalya Private VIP Transfer

Mercedes Vito Ultra Luxury Design – cars with Maybach design; 6 people take 3 large luggage + 2 small luggage. In this service, it is the same price between two distances, whether you are 1 person or 6 people.

These cars with Mercedes Sprinter VIP design; It takes 9 to 12 people and 6 large luggage and 4 small luggage. In this service, it is the same price between two distances, whether you are 1 person or 12 people.

Wifi, Soft Drinks are offered free of charge in these Cars. Alcoholic beverages are available at an extra charge.

In the welcome special packages, the cars are extra according to your wishes; Balloons, roses, Chocolate, Champagne etc. equipped with things. After the transfer, you can report this request to the company through communication channels.

Antalya Airport to Hotel Transfer

You need to inform the company at least 12 hours in advance of your need for transfer from Antalya Airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport. In this way, the car that will take you is made ready. For sudden reservations, your waiting time for the car may be long. Especially if you are going from the airport to the hotel and you have not taken into account the transportation time, you may face missing your flight. To avoid such a situation, make your reservation at least 12 hours in advance.

Door to Door Transfer

If you need a one-way or round-trip transfer from outside the airport, from one point to another, or from one hotel to another hotel, please inform the company at least 2 hours in advance of your request for this transfer. The car you want may not be available for instant transfer needs. This may reduce your chances of getting the service you want.

Antalya Online Transfer Booking

Before you make an online transfer reservation in Antalya, you must convey the information below to the transfer company. Thanks to this information, you will receive a complete and trouble-free transfer.

  • Name and surname:
  • Pickup location:
  • Drop of location:
  • Date &Time:
  • Fly Number:
  • Number of Adults:
  • Number of Children & Babies:

In addition to this information, in the note section; If you have a baby, do not forget to request a stroller. If you have a child over 2 years old, you can request a child seat or booster kit.

Book Now

To get a private luxury transfer in Antalya, you can make an online reservation using the whatsapp button below.

You must enter the correct flight codes on your flight ticket. Thanks to this code, the receptionists or drivers waiting for you at the door with your name written on paper will easily find you. Since the flight code is also useful for flight tracking, it is very important information that will help them to check if there is any delay in your flight.

Daily Chauffeured Car Rental

If you want to visit many points or if you have a special route during the day, Antalya daily chauffeured car rental will be more convenient and cost-effective for you. Whether you need transportation for the city or between cities, if you want to travel freely, you should prefer to rent a car with a driver.

Out of City transfer from Antalya

If you need a transfer from Antalya province to another city, for example: Konya, Denizli, Bodurm, Fethiye etc. As the distance increases, the service fee will increase proportionally. You can get transportation service at more affordable prices by getting a special offer.

If you have decided to visit historical or touristic attractions, it is obligatory to get guide service from the transfer service. The guide is not obligatory if you are traveling in your own personal car. However, since a company providing transfer service provides a commercial service, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has made the guide service obligatory. When you visit these places with an unguided transfer company, when the officials realize this, they will penalize the transfer company. At this rate, no company will attempt this.

Daily guide fees are 100 Euros in Türkiye in 2023. The transfer company bills the guide fee to the person requesting the transfer.

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