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Antalya is not just a destination consisting of sun, sea and sand. For those looking for adrenaline-filled adventures, there are many options waiting to be discovered in Antalya. You can consider going to Antalya for adventurous activities where you can experience excitement and adrenaline at the peak with unique natural views. You can easily plan your holiday by examining our 2024 updated guide of things to do in Antalya and this list of unusual information.

Things to Do in Antalya 2024

Make the right plan for your holiday by reviewing the list of things to do in Antalya under the following headings. Easily create your holiday plan by taking note of the combination activities suitable for you.

Nature Walks and Trekking

Lycian Way

Lycian Way Antalya

Lycian Way, which lies at the foothills of Antalya’s Taurus Mountains, is one of the longest trekking routes in the world. You can walk among historical ruins and witness magnificent views on the Lycian Way, which has trails of different difficulty levels. Map link

Tazı Canyon

Tazi Canyon Antalya

Tazı Canyon, located in Köprülü Canyon National Park, is an ideal place for hiking and trekking. You can cool off in the waterfalls and natural pools in the canyon and do activities such as rock climbing and canyoning. Map link

Upper Düden Waterfall

Up Duden Waterfall

You can take a nature walk on the track above the Düden Waterfall, extending towards the source of the waterfall. After a pleasant walk through the greenery, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Düden Waterfall. Map link

Antalya Manavgat Waterfall

Antalya Manavgat Waterfall

Antalya’s Manavgat Waterfall, located on the flow of the Manavgat River, is surrounded by greenery and attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its cool waters. Manavgat Waterfall, which is a preferred place for those who want to cool off especially in the summer months, has picnic areas, tea gardens and an environment full of natural beauties. Offering visitors a natural rest and entertainment area, the waterfall has an important place as one of the tourist attractions of Manavgat. Map link

Water sports

Diving and snorkeling

Antalya diving and snorkeling tours

Antalya’s turquoise sea offers an ideal environment for water sports. You can participate in diving and snorkeling tours in destinations such as Kemer, Kaş and Alanya and discover the beauties of the underwater world.


Antalya Rafting and canoeing

Rafting and canoeing are among the most preferred water sports in Antalya. You can go rafting in Köprülü Canyon National Park and have an adrenaline-filled experience.

Manavgat Boat Tour

Manavgat Boat Tour

One of the most popular tourist activities in Manavgat is boat tours on the Manavgat River. Manavgat Boat Tour offers visitors a pleasant experience accompanied by magnificent natural views.

The tour usually starts with a visit to Manavgat Waterfall. The area where the waterfall is located is covered with tropical vegetation and offers a refreshing environment. Then, the tour progresses along the Manavgat River, showing the beaches and dunes adorned with greenery along the coast.

During the tour, panoramic views of local villages and small towns can also be seen. Another important stop of the tour is the magnificent sea view at the river mouth. Here, you can watch a unique view of the meeting of the fresh water of the river and the salt water of the Mediterranean and the water layers of different colors. Manavgat Boat Tour is an ideal option for those who want to explore the natural beauties and experience the unique atmosphere of the region.


Antalya parasailing

You can also do water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing and wakeboarding on many beaches of Antalya.

Other Activities

Tünektepe Cable Car

Tunektepe Cable Car

Tünektepe Cable Car is a modern cable car system that provides transportation to Tünektepe, one of the rising tourist attractions of Antalya. Tünektepe is known as a magnificent hill with an altitude of 618 meters above the coastline of Antalya.

Tünektepe Cable Car offers visitors an exciting journey starting from the city center. The cable car cabins offer an unforgettable experience as they slowly take guests up the hill, accompanied by impressive views of the Mediterranean, with panoramic views of the coastline below and Antalya. During this journey, visitors have the opportunity to observe the unique natural beauties of the region and the wide coastline of Antalya from a bird’s eye view, thanks to the windows in the cabins.

Upon reaching Tünektepe, the summit offers a range of activities and services, including restaurants, cafes and observation decks. Additionally, the panoramic views at the top of Tünektepe offer an ideal location to capture special moments such as sunset or sunrise. Tünektepe Cable Car offers an enjoyable alternative transportation option for visitors who want to explore the magnificent views of Antalya and see the natural beauties of the region from a bird’s eye view. Map link


Alanya paragliding

You can fly with a paragliding in Antalya and see the magnificent views from a bird’s eye view. Alanya is among the most popular destinations for paragliding. Alanya Tours

Alanya Dim Cave

The caves located in Antalya Taurus Mountains can be an interesting option for adventure lovers. Alanya Dim Cave and İnsuyu Cave are one of the most popular caves to explore in Antalya.

jeep safari tour

Antalya Jeep Safari An Adventurous4

You can join jeep safari tours in Antalya and have an exciting experience in the rugged terrain of the Taurus Mountains.

Antalya Boat Tour

Antalya Boat Tour

Antalya Boat Tour is a popular tour option that offers an unforgettable experience in the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean, starting from the historical port of Kaleiçi. Kaleiçi is known as the old city center of Antalya and is famous for its historical texture. Pirate boat tours starting from here pass through the narrow streets of Kaleiçi and reach the old port, offering the opportunity to observe historical buildings, Ottoman period houses and ancient ruins along the way.

During the tour, there is usually a swimming break and participants are given the opportunity to explore underwater life. Additionally, pirate boat tours often offer a buffet lunch combining delicious seafood with local flavors. These tours are popular among visitors who want to discover the unique beauties of Antalya and spend a pleasant day in the cool waters of the Mediterranean.

Antalya Shopping

Antalya Shoppings

Antalya Shopping Centers

TerraCity: TerraCity, the largest shopping mall in Antalya, hosts more than 150 stores, 12 movie theaters and many restaurants.

MarkAntalya: Close to Antalya’s city center, MarkAntalya hosts many national and international brands as well as luxury brands.

Mall of Antalya: One of Antalya’s newest shopping malls, Mall of Antalya hosts more than 200 stores, 14 movie theaters and many restaurants.

Deepo Outlet Center: Deepo Outlet Center, one of the outlet shopping centers in Antalya, offers many brands at discounted prices.

Agora Antalya: Agora Antalya, one of the old and well-established shopping centers of Antalya, hosts many shops, restaurants and entertainment centers.

For more shopping places and locations, you can check out our Antalya bazaars and shopping centers content from this link.

Antalya Bazaars

Antalya Bazaars

You can watch vlog videos by clicking on the titles.

Manavgat Bazaar is a market held every Monday and Thursday in the Manavgat district of Antalya. You can find many products such as textile products, leather products, jewelry, souvenirs, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits in the market. It is possible to bargain. You can go to the market from Antalya city center by bus, minibus or private transfer.

Antalya Lara Grand Bazaar is a market located in the Lara district of Antalya. You can find many products such as textile products, leather products, jewelry, souvenirs, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits in the market. It is possible to bargain. You can go to the market from Antalya city center by bus, minibus or private transfer.

Alanya Bazaar is a market held every day in the Alanya district of Antalya. You can find many products such as textile products, leather products, jewelry, souvenirs, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits in the market. It is possible to bargain. To reach the market, you can walk, minibus or private transfer from Alanya city center.

Choose According to Your Adventure Level

There are suitable activities for adventure lovers of all levels in Antalya. If you have not experienced adventure sports before, you can join guided tours. If you are an experienced adventurer, you can choose more challenging trails and activities.

Take Safety Precautions

It is important to always prioritize your safety when doing adventure sports. Before starting the activity, check the necessary equipment and follow the guides’ instructions.

To spend an adventurous holiday in Antalya

  • Plan with seasonal conditions in mind.
  • Explore shopping malls and bazaars to improve your shopping experience.
  • Enjoy a different holiday experience with daily tours.
  • Prepare the necessary equipment in advance.
  • Take guided tours or courses.
  • Always keep your safety first.

Thanks to the content of this list, you can create unforgettable memories by spending an adventurous holiday in Antalya.

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Antalya Campgrounds

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Food, Drinks and Historical Areas

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