Koprulu Canyon National Park Travel Guide

What do you not know about Köprülü Canyon National Park in Manavgat district of Antalya? Here is the Köprülü Canyon, which attracts attention with its nature, history and activities…

AntalyaThe four corners of are eye-catching with their tourism potential. Köprülü Canyon National Park is a hidden paradise located on the borders of the province and whose name is not known to everyone. I can come here especially Rafting Those who come to do it cannot give up the pleasure of the canyon. Of course, it is not only rafting that attracts visitors here. The wonderful nature that exists here, the caves, the canyons, the magic of flowing water and hundreds of years old Selge Ancient CityThe history of…

If you fall on your way to Köprülü Canyon National Park without taking a look at our article Don’t explore. If you stay here, you will have great pleasure, even if you do not, you will have a full day in the canyon. Come now Let’s get to know Köprülü Canyon National Park…

Where is Köprülü Canyon National Park?

Koprulu Canyon National Park Travel Guide

Köprülü Canyon National Park, AntalyaOf northeast and is about 90 km from the center of Antalya. Kanyon, Antalya’s with waterfall famous Manavgat It is located within the borders of the district. The center of Manavgat is about 65 km away.

Alanya If you come from the side, you have to travel about 115 km. Unlike the warm sands of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, TaurusThe place is cool and unique in the shadow of Köprülü Canyon.

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General Information About Köprülü Canyon

First of all, let us state that; national park entrance Free. In addition, if you are going to come here with your own vehicle, let us also state that the roads are smooth. You can provide transportation with your own vehicle with peace of mind. At least until the famous bridge of the canyon (Gutter Bridge), the roads are comfortable and trouble-free. After the bridge, the road narrows.

Köprülü Canyon National Park covers an area of 366.140 decares. This is a rich region 1973 In the year national park has been accepted as. Within the national park canyon, flowing through the middle of the canyon Köprüçay (Hyperlink) River, located on the river historic Gutter Bridge and which was established at an altitude of 1250 meters Selge Ancient City it adds a great visuality and mystery to this place.

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Koprulu Canyon Name, again located on the river Gutter Bridgefrom . This bridge, which is a work of the Roman period, has become the symbol of the canyon.

Today One of the longest canyons in Turkey One of them, Köprülü Canyon, has a length of about 14 km, and a height exceeding 100 meters. Manavgat’s Bolasan Village with Beskonak Village Köprüçay, which flows between the two years, gives life to the Köprülü Canyon, which is one of the longest and most beautiful valleys of our country.

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There are many factors that make Köprülü Canyon National Park, located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, different and special:

First; The largest cypress forest of the Mediterranean Region is located here. Red pine and maquis areas are common in the national park, but the 400-hectare pure cypress forest adds a difference.

Second; Köprüçay River, which has a high summer-winter flow rate and allows rafting on it. One of the most popular rafting areas in Turkey is Köprülü Canyon. Köprüçay River is a unique track especially for rafting, including different water sports.

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Third; Selge Ancient CityIs. The surviving theatre and ruins from the ancient city whisper the region’s centuries-old history. Selge (Altınkaya Village), which has a mysterious history, is one of the places that must be seen in the national park.

Fourth place; The man is the Rocks. These formations, another name of which is Devil’s Rocks, are a unique visuality for the national park.

Fifth; rich flora and fauna. The richness of flora in the national park, which hosts many plant varieties, is also an endangered ba.The richness of the fauna is observed with animal species and endemic species.

Sixth; Part of the path that St. Paul, one of the most important missionaries of Christianity, walked remained in this park. Opened in 2008, St. Paul’s Road also passes through the borders of Köprülü Canyon National Park.

Places to Visit in Köprülü Canyon National Park

1- Köprüçay River

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It is the river that gives life to the canyon. In antiquity Eurymedon was named after him. Köprüçay, Isparta’s Milkmen near the district Taurus Mountainsoriginates in , passing through many canyons Serik from the south of the district It pours into the Mediterranean. The main outlet of the river, which is fed by many sources, is the annual Mount AnamasIs. Born from Mount Anamas Ayvali Tea and Karacahisar its streams merge and form Köprüçay.

Another source is the one from Pınargözü Cave. Pınargözü TeaIs. Isparta’s Yenisarbademli remaining within the boundaries of the district Pinargözü Cave is really worth seeing, it is one of the longest caves in our country. Isparta region gives life to tens of rivers with abundant water resources. Köprüçay also takes its source from the lands of Isparta.

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Köprüçay is the most important city of Turkey Rafting is one of the trails. On the enthusiastic flowing river trout exists. Also in Köprüçay endemic fish species It is located in: Antalya Thorn (Capoeta antayensis) and Pseudophoxinus Fahrettini These two species live only in Köprüçay.

In addition, Köprüçay with the alluviums it has carried over the centuries Serik Plainhas been created. The Köprüçay River, which crosses this plain by drawing meanders, finally meets the Mediterranean.

The color, appearance and nature of Köprüçay warms your heart. Köprüçay, which has a peaceful atmosphere, is a great alternative for those who want to escape from the humidity and heat of Antalya.

2- Historical Gutter Bridge

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Today, there are 2 historical bridges over the river in Köprülü Canyon. The most famous of these is that you will want to stop and take pictures during your visit Gutter Bridgeis. Former name Eurymedon Bridgeis. Roman period work This ancient bridge shines like an ornate ornament over Köprüçay.

Thought to have been built in the 2nd century AD Historical Gutter Bridgeis 22 meters long and 2.70 meters wide. The height of the stream is about 35 meters.

The historical Oluk Bridge was built in the steepest part of the canyon. This bridge connecting the two banks is actually between two important regions was also an important means of transportation. Pisidia with Pamhylia it was a potential access point between their regions. Important city of the Pisidia region Selgeimportant cities of the Pamphylia region, Side and Aspendos and this bridge provided transportation.

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The bridge, which gives its name to both the canyon and the river, attracts attention with its height. Single Arched The robustness of the bridge does not escape attention. Pisidia It has been of great importance throughout history in terms of being an important gate opening to Selge, the capital of the region.

Located on Köprüçay Another bridge is located near Aspendos. The bridge is known by names such as “Belkis Bridge, Köprüpazar Bridge, Aspendos Bridge” Side and Aspendos it made their city easier to reach. However, the bridge that exists today During the Anatolian Seljuk period Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat is the bridge rebuilt by .

3- Adam Kayalar (Devil Rocks)

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Within a national park most interesting is one of the places. Selge Ancient CityIf you decide to go to , you will come across these rocks. Imbued with human silhouettes by centuries of abrasions Adam Rocks it’s as if they’re in human form.

Conglomerate The region consisting of the rocks called attracts attention with its fantastic appearance. Conglomerate; Sand and pebblesIt is called the rock masses formed as a result of the merging and hardening of . The image of the Adam Rocks, which spread over an area of about 10 kilometers, is almost Cappadocia of the Taurus Mountains impression. These formations, millions of years old, are truly a miracle offered by nature.

The rocks, which can reach up to 70 meters in height, welcome you like a standing person. Sandalwood trees its cuteness stimulates the feeling that you are in the Mediterranean. In Adam Kayalar, which often offers a great route for hiking enthusiasts, you can take a small place on the road if you wish. photo break you can give it. If you wish, you can have a full of oxygen and adventure. Hiking With , you can explore the area further.

4- Selge Ancient City

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Located in the upper part of Köprülü Canyon National Park a unique ancient city here. At an altitude of 1250 meters, Selge, the challenging and magnificent union of the past and the present…

While you are here, I would definitely say see Selge. Even the city’s theater, built on such a high point, is a reason in itself to visit. Wonder and admiration you will stay in an unusual ancient city Selge

5- Greyhound Canyon

Köprülü Canyon National Park is one of the places to be seen within the opportunity Greyhound Canyon. Gaziler VillageThe canyon that is close to fascinates with its view. Although some of the road is challenging, it is a very enjoyable route where you can walk and breathe in nature. Campers and walk Lovers The view of the canyon, which has managed to become one of the most favorite routes, is very impressive.

Another name Valley of Wisdom The height of the canyon is about 400 meters. If you go, walk very carefully because the cliffs are sharp and the elevation is quite high. The view is breathtakingly beautiful…

Rafting on Köprüçay in Köprülü Canyon

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In Turkey Rafting Köprülü Canyon is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Köprülü Canyon. The high flow rate of Köprüçay provides a suitable environment for rafting. At the same time, Köprüçay, rafting in our country cleanest river stands out. Hundreds of adventure lovers head to Köprüçay every year for this adrenaline-filled fun activity. Especially July, August and September are the months when the demand for rafting is the highest.

You don’t need to be a professional to do rafting. A lot of things around Köprüçay rafting company There are and they help you. A instructor making the necessary redirects. Thus, you learn what you need to do to avoid falling the moment you get on the boat.

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Hours of rafting from 09:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening. An adventure lasting about 2 and a half hours on the 14-kilometer track is waiting for you. The track in Köprüçay Difficulty is ideal for everyone, so you don’t need to be a professional.

If you are interested in this extreme water sport, take the road to Köprülü Canyon to get away from the heat of Antalya.

What other activities are there in Köprülü Canyon?

There are many activities besides rafting sport. One of the most enjoyable activities Jeep Safari Tours. These tours with off-road vehicles proceed from the villages of Taşağıl, Çardak and Sağırin and reach Köprülü Canyon. There are food and swimming breaks here.

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Buggy Safari is one of the adventurous activities with 1 or 2 person vehicles. These tours usually include rafting.

Different on Köprüçay water sports is also being done. Canoe and Canyoning (canyon crossing) sports, angling and swimming they have options.

If you want calmer exploration, you can also Trekking, Hiking Tours, Bike tours for you.

Trendy in recent years Camping offers an opportunity alone with nature here. Also toll And Free Let’s say that there are camping areas. In particular; Fıçıköy Camping As Turkey’s first barrel village, it is one of the places that offers pleasant service. Of course, there are dozens of alternatives. The choice is up to you.

What to Eat in Köprülü Canyon?

Trout is the first option that will come to mind at the edge of the icy water. In the canyon where trout farming is taking place carp, trout If you wish, you can taste such species and hunt them with a fishing rod.

Of the places here Menu usually the same. It is in the form of fish, chicken, chicken skewers, salads. Of course, as an alternative Types of grids is also available. In the vicinity of the historical Oluk Bridge Observers existent. If you wish, you can look at the local pancake varieties. Or with the materials you will bring with you in the national park picnic on the promenade you can. There may not be many great alternatives in the region, but I am sure that you will feel like you are at a luxurious table no matter what you eat in this exquisite nature.

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Accommodation in Köprülü Canyon

Located on the shore of Köprüçay campsites With a number of services it offers, it is leading among the preferences of visitors. These camping areas, which have facilities such as food, toilet and shower, provide convenience. Free campsites are also available. If you wish, you can stay here or you can set up your tent alone by the river and enjoy.

Apart from bed and breakfast they also have options. Simple, small Hostels or Bungalows existent. There are no luxury hotels. Therefore, if you want to stay away from luxury in nature, you should stay here.

Returning from Köprülü Canyon without Doing;

Do not return from Köprü Kanyon without realizing at least a few of the items we have listed in line with your time and request…

– Historic Groove Bridge photograph Take a photo of the bridge and the river by going down to the bottom of the bridge.

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– Definitely if you like adventure Rafting Do.

Jeep Safari The tours were very enjoyable. Take this tour where you have fun while exploring the region.

– There are many tour companies, you can talk to someone and Buy a day tour; Trekking tour, bike tour, buggy safari tour… Take whichever suits you, but be sure to participate.

Selge Ancient CityVisit . Witness the magnificence of this lonely ancient city in the heart of the Taurus Mountains.

Adam Rocks (Devil’s Rocks) is a must see. These giant rocks are the Fairy Chimneys of the Taurus Mountains and you will be amazed.

Greyhound Canyonand enjoy the freedom.

– Swim in Köprüçay. The juice is exquisite and clear. But it is worth being careful.

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– If you have the opportunity on your return Zeytintaş CaveStop by.

– Again, if you have time on the way back, you must Aspendos Theater, Aspendos Ancient Cityand Aqueducts A must see.

Köprülü Canyon National Park is calling you to collect unforgettable memories. Explore and live…

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