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Kumluca Attractions In our article, we will tell you about the places to visit and route in Kumluca district of Antalya province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Before starting our article, let’s give you a few general information about Kumluca.

The first settlement in the district was established in the 1830s 5 kilometers east of the district center, at the foot of the hills, under the name of Sarı Kavak. Kumluca contains ancient cities such as Olympos, Rhodiapolis, Idebessos. Especially the ancient city of Olympos and its beach are flooded with local and foreign tourists. Apart from this, it is a corner of paradise with its other ancient cities, beaches and bays.

Kumluca Places to Visit and Route are listed below.


Our First Route to Kumluca Attractions; Ancient City of Olympos

Olympos, the second important port city after Phaselis, is located within the borders of Beydağları-Olympos National Park. Although the exact date of the foundation of the city is unknown, it is mentioned in the coins of the Lycian Union minted in 167-168 BC. Olympos is one of the six cities with three voting rights in the Lycian Union.

Most of the surviving ruins of the city are covered with trees and shrubs in the forest. Most of these remains belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. In addition, the ruins are usually scattered at the mouth of a river flowing into the sea from east to west and on both banks. The river bed, which divided the city into two in antiquity, was enclosed in a channel and both sides were used as piers and connected to each other with a bridge.

Kumluca Attractions Olympos Ancient City

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Rhodiapolis Ancient City

It was established on a hill near Sarıca Village of Kumluca district. The city, which is thought to have been founded by the Rhodesians due to its name, is a member of the Lycian Union like other cities in the region

The most famous person of the city is Opramoas, who lived in the 2nd century AD and helped all Lycian cities. Already in the city lived its most brilliant period during the time of Opramoas. In the ancient city the mausoleum of Opramoas is located behind the stage of the theater.

The remains that have survived from the ancient city of Rhodiapolis are structures such as the city’s theater, bath, Opramoas monument, church, necropolises and many water cisterns.

Kumluca Attractions Rhodiapolis Ancient City

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Melanippe Ancient City

The ancient city in Mavikent, which is connected to Kumluca district, was established as a Greek colony. The importance of the city stems from the fact that it is a sheltered, natural harbor that serves other settlements in the vicinity. The port of the ancient city is the place called Pirate Bay.

The name of the city is Greek and is derived from the words melas-hippos, which means black horse. The city, which was surrounded by walls on three sides, was called Sanetus Stephanus/Hagios Stephanos and sometimes Karaozi in the Middle Ages. It is estimated that this name was taken from a three-nave church built for St. Stephanos in the flat area northwest of the city harbor and the foundations of which have survived to the present day. It is known that this church is a church that serves sailors. On the outer walls of the church, which has survived to the present day, there are ship and boat graffiti engraved on the plaster.

Melanippe Ancient City

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Idebessos Ancient City

The city, which is located in Karacaören Village of Kumluca district, is a Lycian ancient city. Idebessos Monument The ruins of the city bear the traces of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The most notable of these ruins are the city walls, a very small theater and a basilica from the Byzantine period. In addition, in the necropolis area next to the village, there are tombs, some of which are inscribed and some of which are based.

Idebessos Ancient City

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Korydalla Ancient City

The ancient city, which is located one kilometer west of the district center of Kumluca, is known as Hacıveliler today. No remains of the ancient city, which was among the Lycian Cities of the Late Antique Period, have survived to the present day. Only on the hill near the village of Hacı Veliler there are architectural pieces that cannot be understood by the aqueduct. There are also several pieces of columns in the village cemetery.

Korydalla Ancient City

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Kitanaura Ancient City

The ancient city located on the hills and slopes in the north of the region called Saraycık connected to the Kumluca district is a Lycian city. Discovered by Lieut Spratt in 1842, the ruins of the city are located on the acrapolis that stretches like a double camel hump in the east-west direction of the Saraycık neighborhood and on the south-western outskirts of the acropolis.

Things to do in Kumluca Kitanaura Ancient City

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Gelidonya Lighthouse

The lighthouse, which was started to be built in 1934 and put into service in 1936, is the highest lighthouse of the Turkish Coast. The lighthouse, which is located on the historical Lycian Way in Taşlık Cape of Kumluca district, is also known as Taşlık Burnu Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located at an altitude of 227 meters from the sea and 3 kilometers inland.

Gelidonya lighthouse conquers the hearts of nature lovers especially with its view. You can take great nature photos by coming to the lighthouse located at the junction of green and blue, you can walk in the forests of the Mediterranean smelling of pine and sage or you can enjoy this wonderful view by camping.

Things to do in Kumluca Gelidonya Lighthouse

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Mavikent Nature Forest

The natural forest, which is located 15 kilometers from the district center of Kumluca, has a total area of 420 decares. In the parts of the Natural Forest close to the sea, Cyprus Acacia and pistachio pine trees are encountered, while in the inner parts there are tree species such as pistachio pine, Cyprus Acacia and eucalyptus trees. In terms of wildlife, it is home to creatures such as foxes, jackals, martens, squirrels, badgers, rabbits and partridges. There are also endangered sea turtles on the beach in the natural forest.

You can come to Mavikent Natural Forest and have a picnic, swim in the sea and spend a day intertwined with nature by walking.

Mavikent Nature Forest

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Sarıkaya National Park

Although it is a little difficult to reach the National Park near the Bey Mountains, it is a natural wonder worth seeing. The view of Sarıkaya Mili Park makes you admire with its untouched natural structure.

Sarikaya National Park

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South Beach Park

The park, which is located by the coast in Kumluca, is visited by many local and foreign tourists annually with its activity areas and service areas.  There are activity areas such as picnic area, barbecue area, cafeteria, Aquapark, pool, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts. You can have a great day as a family by coming here.

South Beach Park

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Kumluca Attractions Alakır Dam

The dam was built on the Alakır River between 1967 and 1971 for irrigation and flood control purposes. The dam provides irrigation services to an area of about 3,262 hectares.

Kumluca Attractions Alakir Dam

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Kumluca Cistern Hill Zoo

In the zoo located in Kumluca district, there are about 600 animals of poultry and mammal species. The zoo, which was established in 2006 under the Kumluca Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate, is the most comprehensive zoo in the west of Antalya. The zoo, which is especially visited by families with children, allows you to have a nice day as a family.

Kumluca Cistern Hill Zoo

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Olympos Beach

The beach, which is located 87 kilometers away from the center of Antalya within the borders of Yazır Village of Kumluca district, is located on the 1st floor. It is protected as a grade I protected area. The beach, which you can reach by passing through the ancient city, is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of our country.

There are no businesses on Olympos Beach. But the beach is quite clean, well-kept, beautiful. There are no facilities such as umbrellas and sunbeds rental, shower, changing cabin. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to come to the beach prepared.

Kumluca Attractions Olympos Beach

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Transportation to the bay known as Turkey’s Maldives is provided only by boat tours. It is believed that the waters of the bay, which are organized only for tourism purposes and boat tours, are healing. The island has 2 beaches covered with white fine sand.

One of the reasons why it is compared to the Maldives is the white sands it has. In addition, the water is so clear and so clean that you can see the bottom of the water very easily. Suluada has a shallow and waveless sea. There are no facilities such as any business, changing cabin, shower, umbrella, sunbed.

Kumluca Attractions Suluada

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Porto Genoese Bay

Due to the fact that it is within the borders of Beydağları National Park in Kumluca district, 1. Porto Genoese Bay, a Grade I protected area, is located between Adrasan and Olympos. Transportation to this bay, like some bays, is provided only from the sea. This ensures that the sheep has a virgin, untouched, unspoiled beauty.

One side of the green and the other side of the azure sea offer a magnificent and harmonious color feast. It has a deep, waveless, clear sea. The sandy beach, covered with fine sand, allows you to enjoy the sun. The bay, where you can enter free of charge, does not offer facilities such as toilet, changing cabin, shower, market. Therefore, you should come to the site prepared. It is also possible to see sea creatures while swimming in the sea.

Kumluca Attractions Porto Ceneviz Bay

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Adrasan Bay

Located 33 kilometers from Kumluca district center, Adrasan Bay has a 2-kilometer long sandy beach. Its calm, clean, clear sea allows it to see under the water with the naked eye.

Located on the world-famous Lycian Walking Path, the Bay is a protected area as a natural site. It is suitable for those who do not know how to swim, those who will learn new, children because the sea is waveless and shallow. You can reach the bay by land and sea. In the bay, which is entered free of charge, there are umbrellas and sunbeds, and there are markets around it where you can meet your food and beverage needs.

Adrasan Bay

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Sazak Bay

Sazak Bay is a bay with steep cliffs on both sides with extensive forested area. Sazak Bay, located in the western part of Beydağları Coastal National Park, is visited by those who come by boats. It is usually a calm, quiet, uncrowded bay. It has a shallow sea, a sandy beach mixed with sand and pebbles. You can also come to the bay with off-road vehicles because the road is broken. There are no facilities such as toilet, changing cabin, shower places, umbrella, sunbed, market in Sazak Bay.

Sazak Bay

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Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is said to have taken its name from the fact that pirates used this place to hide in ancient times. The clarity of the water, its immaculate cleanliness, its magnificent tone, its waveless and sheltered nature attract the attention of the visitors. Pirate Bay beach is surrounded by a pebble, sand soil and is a 90 meter long and 25 meter deep bay. There is a toilet and shower in the inner parts of the bay, which is entered free of charge. Since there are no facilities, you should provide your needs before coming to the bay.

Pirate Bay

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Kumluca Attractions Papaz Bay

Papaz Bay, which is one of the preferred areas for camping and picnic by Kumluca Municipality, is one of the beaches that are appreciated by visitors with its waveless calm sea and beach covered with pebbles. In Papaz Bay, there is no possibility to rent toilets, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas and sunbeds for your visitors. You should also clean your food needs before coming to the bay.

Kumluca Attractions Papaz Bay

Akseki Bay

Akseki Bay, one of the largest bays of the Antalya-Kumluca region, is one of the natural wonders and virgin bays where transportation can only be done by boat tours. There are no facilities or businesses in the bay, which is like a hidden and untouched paradise. The cleanliness of the sea, its clarity, the harmony of nature, the magnificent appearance of green and blue amaze its visitors. Clear sean there is a beauty that you can easily see at the bottom. It offers peace, calmness, nature air. There is also no toilet, changing cabin, shower, umbrella, sunbed facilities. In addition, the beach owned by the bay is covered with a fine and beautiful sand.

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Kumluca Places to Visit is Our Last Route; Fisherman’s Bay

Balıkçı Bay, one of the beautiful, majestic bays in the Adrasan region, is a unique, untouched place that has the feature of being a natural harbor. The bay, also known as Adrasan Liman Bay, is surrounded by wooded areas and attracts the attention of those who want to camp. The green color of nature, the turquoise color of the sea offers a dazzling beauty. There is a magnificent view not only outside the sea but also inside the sea. There is also a lot of rocky area in the bay with a shallow sea. In the bay, where you can enter free of charge, there is no business such as toilet, umbrella, changing cabin, shower, market. Therefore, you should come to the bay prepared.

Fisherman's Bay

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