Experience a Magnificent Holiday in Alanya – 5 Effective Reasons

Experience a unique holiday in Alanya, the most famous holiday district of Antalya. Alanya offers holiday opportunities for every budget with its world-famous beaches, 5-star all-inclusive and boutique hotels. Alanya, a historical port city, has a rich history as it has hosted many civilizations. This guide for your holiday in Alanya will answer your questions.

Holiday in Alanya

Holiday in Alanya

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-filled getaway, Alanya has something for you. Spend your days soaking up the sun on the golden sands of Cleopatra Beach, or take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of water sports activities to enjoy, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

Accommodation Options in Alanya: All Inclusive and Boutique Hotels

Holiday in Alanya

Alanya is a tourism paradise visited by millions of tourists every year. Therefore, there are accommodation options to suit every budget and taste.

All Inclusive Hotels

You can review the hotel locations and comments on the aggregate map below.

Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel: An adults-only hotel, Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel has a modern and stylish atmosphere. Located at the seafront, the hotel serves with an all-inclusive concept

Diamond Hill Resort & Spa: A family-friendly hotel, Diamond Hill Resort & Spa is spread over a large area and has many pools. Providing service with an ultra all-inclusive concept, the hotel also offers many activities for children.

Long Beach Harmony Hotel: Ideal for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable holiday, Long Beach Harmony Hotel is located on the seafront and has a private beach. Providing service with an all-inclusive concept, the hotel also hosts many restaurants and bars.

Mukarnas Resort & Spa: Mukarnas Resort & Spa, which has a historical atmosphere, is located at the foot of Alanya Castle. Providing service with an all-inclusive concept, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to relax with its spa center and Turkish bath.

Big Blue Sky Hotel: Ideal for those looking for an economical all-inclusive hotel option, Blue Sky Hotel is located close to the sea. Providing service with an all-inclusive concept, the hotel also offers many activities and entertainment options.

Boutique Hotels

You can view boutique hotels on the map below.

Olive Garden Siberland: With a simple and stylish decoration, Olivia Garden Hotel is in a central location. Providing service with a breakfast-inclusive concept, the hotel offers breakfast on its terrace.

The Galataport Hotel: Providing service in a historical building, The Galataport Hotel is located close to Alanya Castle. The hotel has simple and comfortable rooms and offers breakfast on its terrace accompanied by sea views.

Villa Turka: Villa Turka, which has an authentic atmosphere, is located in the historical streets of Alanya. Providing service with a breakfast-inclusive concept, the hotel offers a traditional Turkish breakfast.

Hotel Stella: Hotel Stella, a family-friendly boutique hotel, is located close to the sea. Providing service with a breakfast-included concept, the hotel is ideal for families with children.

Alaiye Kleopatra Hotel: Located close to Kleopatra Beach, Alaiye Kleopatra Hotel has simple and comfortable rooms. Providing service with a breakfast-included concept, the hotel also has rooms with sea views.

For more options, you can review our article on 33 Alanya boutique hotels.

Explore Alanya’s History and Culture

Alanya is a city with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. Explore the impressive Alanya Castle, which stands proudly on a hill overlooking the city. Visit the Red Tower, a 13th-century Seljuk tower that offers stunning panoramic views. For a taste of Alanya’s culture, visit the Alanya Archaeological Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the city’s past.

Daily Activities

In Alanya, you can enjoy a variety of daily activities to make your holiday unforgettable. Here are some suggestions:

  • Alanya Jeep Safari: Embark on an exciting jeep safari through the Taurus Mountains. Enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside and visit traditional villages.
  • Alanya Boat Tour: Take a boat tour along the Alanya coast and explore hidden coves and beaches. You can also go swimming, snorkeling, or fishing.
  • Alanya cable car: Take a ride on the Teleferik cable car and enjoy panoramic views of Alanya and the surrounding area.
  • Paragliding: Among the daily activities in Alanya, the most breathtaking activity is undoubtedly paragliding. The event, which starts from Yassı hill accompanied by expert aviators in their field, ends at Cleopatra beach.

You can get detailed information about the tours on our page below. You can review the tours you want to join.

Food and Drink

Food Alanya

Alanya is a foodie’s paradise. There are many excellent restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine, as well as international dishes. Be sure to try the delicious kebabs, which are cooked to perfection over an open fire. Alanya also has a wide variety of bars and cafes where you can relax and enjoy a drink.


Alanya Shopping Bazzar

Local markets in Alanya are a great place to find souvenirs and authentic products for your loved ones. Various markets offering different products are established in each neighborhood.

Some popular markets include

Friday Market: Friday Market, one of the largest markets in Alanya, is held in the city center every Friday. It offers a wide range of products such as clothing, textiles, household goods, fresh produce and souvenirs.

Tosmur Market: Established every Thursday in the Tosmur neighborhood, Tosmur Market offers products such as fresh produce, clothing and household goods.

Mahmutlar Market: Established every Tuesday in the Mahmutlar neighborhood, Mahmutlar Market offers products such as fresh products, clothing and souvenirs.

Kestel Market: Kestel Market, which is held every Saturday in the Kestel neighborhood, offers products such as fresh produce, clothing and household goods.

When shopping in markets

  • Haggling is common, and sellers often go down from their initial price.
  • It is recommended that you carry cash as some vendors may not accept credit cards.
  • It is recommended that you do some research to find reliable sellers who sell quality products.

As souvenirs

  • You can buy handmade items, such as carpets, rugs and jewelry.
  • You can buy spices and herbs.
  • You can buy traditional delicacies such as Turkish delight and baklava.
  • Shopping at local markets in Alanya is a great way to find authentic products and experience local culture.

Alanya Promotional Video

You can get more detailed visual information about Alanya by watching the Antalya promotional video below.

Plan Your Holiday in Alanya

Plan Your Holiday in Alanya

With its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, Alanya is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. Start planning your trip today and experience the magic of Alanya for yourself.

Book your flight and hotel today and experience the magic of Alanya for yourself!

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