Travelling to Antalya Turkey for the first time this summer?

Watch this video for the best travel tips to make your trip enjoyable in Antalya.

Best bazaar/ market and best Antalya cities.

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  1. Hello.
    I've seen all of your videos about Antalya, but i need help.
    I have antalyakart app, but to pay online, it asks from me to register accout. All goes well till moment i need to enter my phone nr for verification code.
    I do it, they say they sent me sms, but I never receive sms with code. Is there any solution?

  2. Hey tiptop turkey love this video keep the great content up, I’m heading to Alayna next year with my family is there any recommendations on any excursions to go on ? Thanks.

  3. İf you can make a video for whoever has toddler and traveling to antalya tell us where we can take our kids or toddler to play if you make video about this we would be really appriciat it , bacause we want them to be happy there and we cant keep them im yhe water everyday so im sure there a lot people needs such a video , thank you

  4. hi brother what area is best suited for a group of young students? we want to have relaxing days but want to party and visit bars in the evening. thanks in advance

  5. Also the people here are not service “Customer” oriented and they want “Ikramiah” all the time!

    services provided by manpower is below average when benchmarked with the international standards

    the country is beutiful , great infrastructure but we’ve been struggling with the human factor 😮.

    Although I am half turkish and my wife is turkish you do not feel you are welcomed and You don't feel warm! everyone wants to take advantage and rip you of as much as they can😥

  6. Dopo ferragosto saremo ad Antalya come ci conviene spostarci dall'aereoporto per raggiungere l'albergo ad Alanya pagando di meno e per pagare conviene cambiare gli euro in lire turche e se mi puoi dire cosa possiamo visitare essendo ad Alanya e dove acquistare abbigliamento firmato o altro grazie

  7. Hi Bilal, i am here with my wife in Antalya and we wanted to buy some good copy brand dress but the prices are $$$$ very pricy and nowhere as guangzhou .
    Although my wife is Turkish (Azeri) and speaks the fluently as natives but we cant even bargin and everything is in Euro. i am really shocked 😱
    plz recommend some places or tips !! thanks

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