Antalya Swallowable Gastric Balloon Application

Antalya Swallowable Gastric Balloon; The swallowable gastric balloon is an innovative solution designed to aid weight loss by creating a sense of fullness with smaller food portions. It addresses one of the major challenges in weight loss journeys, which is feeling unsatisfied with reduced meal sizes. Various stomach-occupying balloons have been developed, and the Ellipse stands out due to its unique features.

Lose 16% of your body weight with the easy-to-apply swallowable gastric balloon, which is now a new trend. We perform this procedure in our clinics in Antalya within 15 minutes. Do not wait any longer to have the easiest weight loss management with the least risk! Make your appointment now.

What is the Advantage of Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

As with other gastric balloons, the Ellipse does not require any endoscopic procedures or anesthesia for insertion and removal, making it more convenient and less invasive for patients. As a new generation balloon, the quality of the materials used is increased, providing greater efficiency and safety.

Let’s delve into the advantages of the swallowable gastric balloon over its counterparts. Firstly, the absence of endoscopy and anesthesia during placement and removal offers significant benefits to patients. The entire process can be completed in a quick 10 to 15-minute procedure, making it a time-efficient and patient-friendly option.

What Are the Risks of a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

While discussing the risks associated with the Ellipse gastric balloon, it’s essential to note that complications during insertion are very rare. Some possible side effects that may occur in the early period after balloon insertion (first 3-4 days) include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, but they are infrequent. Within the first week, some patients may experience discomfort, leading to balloon removal, which occurs in approximately 1-2% of cases. In such instances, the balloon can be easily removed through an endoscopy procedure, ensuring patient safety and well-being

Who Is A Swallowable Gastric Balloon Suitable For?

The swallowable gastric balloon is a suitable option for those who struggle with overweight issues, find it difficult to follow traditional diets, and are committed to adopting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle as part of their routine.

Who Is Not Suitable For A Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

A swallowable gastric balloon is not recommended for people who have had previous gastric surgery or have stomach ulcers.

What is the Antalya Swallowable Gastric Balloon Application Procedure?

Application of a swallowable gastric balloon

Before the procedure, your doctor will give detailed information about the swallowable gastric balloon and its procedure. You can take prescription medications a few days before the procedure to reduce possible side effects such as nausea and prepare your stomach for the balloon. The day of the procedure will be planned and you will be informed about what needs to be done in the fluoroscopy unit.

Unlike other types of balloons, insertion of a swallowable gastric balloon does not require an endoscopy unit or anesthesia. The procedure involves an experienced physician and an x-ray machine, preferably fluoroscopy, to accurately monitor the placement of the balloon. Designed as a capsule, the balloon is swallowed with water. A thin thread attached to the end of the capsule is swallowed and one end is left outside the mouth. X-rays are taken to make sure the capsule is in the stomach.

When the capsule reaches the desired area of the stomach (usually the fundus), the balloon is inflated by giving 550 ml of a special liquid through the outer thread. A second X-ray is taken to confirm the position of the balloon. If all is well, the tied string is pulled to separate the balloon. The mouth of the balloon is closed with a special mechanism at the end of the rope. The unique mark on the end of the thread is controlled to ensure smooth closing. During the whole process, the person stays awake and can communicate with the healthcare team. The entire procedure typically takes about 15 minutes.

How Long Does a Swallowable Gastric Balloon Stay in the Stomach?

On average, the swallowable gastric balloon stays in the stomach for about 4 months. At the end of this period, the valve in the mouth of the balloon opens automatically, allowing the balloon to deflate gradually. It takes about 7 to 10 days for the balloon to completely empty its contents. Subsequently, the balloon, which is now reduced to a thin membrane, is naturally expelled from the body through feces. During this procedure, most people are unlikely to experience any discomfort associated with deflating or emptying the balloon.

Weight Loss with Swallowable Gastric Balloon

The degree of weight loss from a swallowable gastric balloon is influenced by several factors, primarily determined by how closely individuals adhere to the recommended diet and their physical activity level. On average, weight loss can reach up to 16% of an individual’s expected body weight.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon Prices

Like many medical products, the price of the swallowable gastric balloon is subject to fluctuations due to exchange rates and market conditions. Please feel free to contact us for the most up-to-date price information.

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