Manavgat Fake Bazaar; The Manavgat Bazaar is one of the biggest open air markets in Antalya and is visited by many tourists who want to witness colorful daily and cultural life in the region. The Manavgat local bazaar is set up in the same place every week on Mondays and Thursdays. It offers a variety of products, from clothing to carpets and souvenirs. It’s the ideal place to shop when you are in the Antalya region. What Can I Do at the Manavgat Bazaar? The Manavgat Bazaar is composed of a covered bazaar that can be visited any day of the week in the Manavgat Town Center and of the local market, which is set up in the side streets, covering a massive area, only on Mondays and Thursdays. The two areas offer all kinds of products and provide a lot of choices for people who want to bargain and see different options.


Read on to discover these two areas in detail. Manavgat Covered Market In the covered area of the Manavgat Bazaar, you can find all kinds of leather, jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, spice shops, beautiful hand-woven carpets, and rugs, as well as the most special flavors from the Turkish kitchen. The Covered Bazaar can be visited any day in Manavgat Town Center. Although this area is very interesting for shopping any day of the week, most tourists wait for the other Manavgat Bazaar to be set up. Manavgat Local Market The famous open air local bazaar in Manavgat is set up only on Mondays and Thursdays at the same place.

There is a large influx of tourist in Manavgat on these two days! That means you have to go early if you want to shop easily. The Manavgat Local Market is divided into two sections : The first section in the Manavgat Bazaar sells mainly clothes. You will be surprised at the huge selection. It’s possible to find many goods, such as Turkish textile products, bags, socks, and various accessories. Like many other touristic markets, here you can also find many stalls selling imitations of well known brands including trainers, sports clothing, and bags.

The second part is all about vegetables and fruits. Here, farmers in and around Manavgat sell their own fresh products. If you are interested in organic local tastes, feel free to mingle in the stalls where you can find many products such as chicken, eggs, greens, spices, and cheese. Even if you’re there just to observe, you might want to get some seasonal fruits for later at the cheapest prices! Now that you are nice and exhausted from shopping in the Manavgat Local Bazaar you’ll deserve some refreshing drinks and tasty food. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in this area, in the center of Manavgat.

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