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Antalya Rhinoplasty; If you are researching rhinoplasty, this guide will guide you in finding the best clinics, the best prices, and the most successful pre- and post-surgery! Many clinics in Antalya provide services in the field of rhinoplasty. You will be able to learn about rhinoplasty procedures by contacting the clinics that receive the most positive post-operative comments among Antalya rhinoplasty clinics.

You will be able to get information about the price and process after meeting one-on-one with specialist physicians and receiving detailed information. Get your first examination free of charge now via remote connection video call.

How Does the Rhinoplasty Surgery Process Progress?

ENT-Head and Neck Surgery Specialists explain the procedure of rhinoplasty surgery as follows;

First of all, after the examination is completed, we design with you how your nose will look after the operation. After the ideal design is made, preparations are made for anesthesia and we are now ready for the operation. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Pain is not expected after septorhinoplasty surgery. Since we do not use tampons in our surgeries, you will start breathing through your nose in the early post-operative period. “Discharge is planned after staying in the hospital for one night,” said the experts. “In the first week of the operation, there will be silicone splints inside the nose and bandages and thermoplastic splints outside. After discharge, you can return to your daily life and take a shower. Unfortunately, with the increase in septorhinoplasty operations, the undesirable results that we call complications also increase, and sometimes you may need to lie on the operating table again to eliminate these undesirable results. Therefore, before deciding on surgery, I recommend that you research your doctor thoroughly, discuss the realistic results of the surgery, and make a decision based on these.

Increases Self-Confidence

A nose that suits your face increases self-confidence. With the techniques and equipment developed in recent years, the results of the septorhinoplasty operation have become more satisfactory. Better results can be achieved especially with micro saws or ultrasonic nose shaping devices (piezo) used in surgery. If you have chosen an ENT physician for the surgery, in the same session as the rhinoplasty surgery, the reduction of the nasal concha with laser or radio frequency, the correction of the curvatures in the septum, and the treatment of additional diseases such as sinusitis and nasal polyps can be performed, so that a beautiful-looking, healthy nose can be achieved in a single session. For this reason, if you have decided to have plastic surgery, you should definitely tell your doctor about your additional complaints such as nasal congestion, inability to smell, nosebleeds, and headache.

Before and After Antalya Rhinoplasty

Antalya Nose Aesthetics Clinics

Private OFM Antalya Hospital

Op.Dr.Onur Serin Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Deniz Yılmaz- Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery

Antalya Nose Aesthetics Prices

Rhinoplasty prices vary depending on the treatment method used. To get information about the prices, after the live connection, the specialist physician or physician assistants will inform you about the net price.

Why should you have Antalya Plastic Surgery?

The first answer to this problem is that it is a city and clinics that are world famous in the field of aesthetics. Secondly, more successful surgeries are performed at more affordable costs compared to other countries.

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