Kaş Accommodation Options – 26 Hotel List

Famous for its history and magnificent nature, Kaş offers many accommodation options for your holiday plan. We have listed Kaş hotels and accommodation options for you in this guide. You will also be able to find everything you need for your holiday under the headings of Daily Tours, Restaurants, Places to Visit in Kaş. While deciding among Kaş accommodation options, we chose the 26 most popular accommodation facilities in Kaş.

Kaş Accommodation Options

There are 5 types of accommodation options in Kaş. We have presented these options in a list with their explanations. Here are the accommodation options;

Luxury Hotels

Kas boasts numerous luxury hotels, typically offering amenities such as sea-view rooms, private beaches, and spa and wellness services. If you aim to make your holiday truly special, you can choose from the five-star hotels in the region.

Boutique Hotels

For a more fitting and warm accommodation experience in line with the atmosphere of Kas, boutique hotels are an excellent option. Usually smaller in scale and characterized by unique designs, these hotels provide a more personalized service to their guests.

Pensions and Apart Hotels

If you are looking for more budget-friendly accommodation, Kas has many pensions and apart hotels. These establishments generally provide basic comfort and the option to prepare your own meals.

Camping Areas

If you desire a holiday immersed in nature, the camping areas around Kas can be a fantastic choice. You can find suitable areas for camping, allowing you to enjoy nature while also taking advantage of the nearby sea.

Stone Houses and Village Stays

Staying in restored traditional stone houses around Kas allows you to get a closer glimpse of the region’s history. These types of accommodations are often situated in tranquil villages, offering an authentic and immersive experience.

Kas stands out as a destination that caters to every budget and preference when it comes to accommodation. For an unforgettable holiday, it’s important to consider your budget, vacation style, and needs when selecting your place of stay.

Kaş 26 Hotel List – Kaş Accommodation

You can choose the type of accommodation that suits you by examining our list of Kaş all-inclusive 5-star hotels, Bungalow holiday homes, Apart hotels, Stone houses and Villas.

  • Elixir Hotel
  • KaşKöy Hotel
  • Mavilim Otel
  • Villa Hotel Tamara
  • Luff Boutique Hotel
  • Villa Ay
  • Lupia Suites
  • Fidanka Hotel (12+) | Kalkan
  • Patara Prince Hotel & Resort
  • Happy Hotel Kalkan
  • Greenbeachhotels
  • Joyy Suit & Apart
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Kaş
  • Blue Island Luxury Hotel Kaş (+16 Adult Only)
  • Casa Bi Otel (14+) | Kaş
  • Nirvana Apartments
  • Club Barbarossa Hotel & Villas
  • Sunset Villa Hotel
  • Mandalina Luxury Suites VeRestaurant
  • Bella Apart Kaş
  • Kaş Golden Rose Apart Hotel
  • Doğanın Ruhu Otel, Bungalow & Restaurant

Kaş Daily Tours

Make your holiday more fun with daily tours. You can have a full holiday thanks to the many island and bay activities. Here are kaş daily tours;

Kekova Boat Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

This tour, spanning from Kas to Kekova, brings together the historical remnants you wish to explore and the breathtaking sea views. Including the sunken city of Simena and Kekova Island, this tour offers an unforgettable maritime adventure.

Saklikent Canyon Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

Ideal for those wanting to discover the natural beauty of Kas, this tour visits Saklikent Canyon. Famous for its crystal-clear waters, the canyon provides a fantastic location for walking and cooling off.

Patara Ancient City and Beach Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

A perfect choice for those wanting to savor the history and nature around Kas. While exploring the ancient city of Patara and the unique beauty of Patara Beach, you get a close look at the region’s history and nature.

Lycian Way Hiking Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

Conducted along the Lycian Way surrounding Kas, this tour is tailored for nature lovers. Hiking along the trails allows you to discover ancient ruins and enjoy the unique landscapes.

Dalyan Mud Baths and Caretta Caretta Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

Starting from Kas, this tour extends to Dalyan, including mud baths and Iztuzu Beach, where Caretta Caretta turtles reside. You can relax in natural mud baths and have the chance to observe the protected sea turtles.

Xanthos and Letoon Ancient Cities Tour

Kaş Daily Tours

Ideal for those wishing to explore the ancient Lycian cities around Kas. Xanthos and Letoon, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, offer a fascinating journey with their historical richness.

These tours provide various options for visitors who want to explore the historical, natural, and cultural beauties around Kas.

Kaş Historical Areas Travel

These historical sites reflect the rich historical past of Kaş and its surroundings, offering visitors a unique discovery experience.

Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos, one of the most important ancient cities around Kaş, is known as the capital of the Lycian Union. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has a fascinating atmosphere with its historical ruins.

Patara Ancient City

Patara Ancient City

The ancient city of Patara was an important member of the Lycian League and stood out as a port city during the Roman Empire. Patara, also St. It is known as the birthplace of Nicholas.

Kyaenai Ancient City

Kyaenai Ancient City

Kyaenai, close to Kaş, continued its existence as an important settlement in ancient times. Among the ruins in the city are temples, agora and theater.

Antifellos Ancient City

Antifellos Ancient City

Antifellos Ancient City is an important stop for those who want to witness the history of Kaş. The ruins in this ancient city include a theatre, necropolis, city walls and tomb monuments.

Kekova Sunken City (Simena)

Kekova Sunken City

The sunken city of Simena, located near Kekova Island, attracts attention with its ruins from the Lycian period. This ancient settlement offers a unique atmosphere with its structures buried below sea level.

Letoon Ancient City

Letoon Ancient City

Letoon, one of the sacred areas of Xanthos, is known for its temples and theater dedicated to the Lycian gods. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and promises a historical journey to visitors.

Aperlai Ancient City

Aperlai Ancient City

Aperlai, in the north of Kaş, stands out with its ruins from the ancient Lycian period. The ancient theatre, agora and walls are just a few of the elements of this ancient city that have survived to the present day.

Kaş Restaurants

There are many restaurants serving Turkish and international cuisine in Kaş. From the list we have created for dinner, lunch and breakfast, you can decide which option is closest or suitable to you.

  • Bahçe Restaurant
  • Bella Vita
  • Maşuk Meyhane Kaş
  • Keyf-i dem Kaş
  • Ally’s Restaurant
  • L’Apéro Kaş
  • Naturel Restoran
  • Çınarlar pizza garden
  • restaurant
  • Cafe Corner Restaurant
  • Fıchı Restaurant
  • Mumi Beach Club & Meyhane
  • Bunbun Kaş
  • Panu Kaş
  • Pika
  • Sushi Croke ( Asian Cusine Wok & Sushi )
  • Costum Pide Salonu
  • Lifeboxtr
  • Zaika Ocakbaşı
  • Diva Restaurant
  • Fesleğen Kokusu
  • Olive Garden Kaş Kahvaltı
  • Adams Restaurant Kalkan
  • Sunset restaurant kalkan
  • Seaport Restaurant
  • Blue Marlin Fish & Meze
  • Small House Küçük Ev
  • Restaurant
  • Coast Kalkan – Tapas & Grill
  • Restaurant
  • Rose Restaurant
  • Mussakka Restaurant
  • Nova restaurant kalkan

Kaş Transportation

Between Kaş(Andifli) and Antalya airport; It is 205 km and the average transportation time is 2.5-3 hours. There are 3 options for transfer from Antalya airport to Kasha or from the hotel to the airport.

  • Public transportation shared shuttle: It is a type of transfer in which you share the same vehicle with other passengers, with vehicles departing at certain hours.
  • Private Transfer: Antalya private transfer is an option where you can comfortably reach anywhere you want, at any time you want, with a vehicle allocated to you from the Airport to Kaş.
  • Car rental: You can reach Antalya airport with your car, which you will reserve in advance from many companies that provide car rental services. You can look at the map below to get directions and information about the route.
  • Car rental with driver: This service is mostly used for private tours. You can visit Kas for a day or for a few days with Antalya car rental service with driver.

Kaş Camping Areas

You can check the paid and free camping areas in Kaş from the map below and examine the caravan and tent door areas.

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