Demre Hotels – 14 Hotels and Accommodation Options

In this content we compiled about Demre hotels, we have listed 14 Demre hotels and accommodation options. In this way, you can make your Demre holiday plan by examining the options. There are mostly apartments and bungalow holiday homes in the center of Demre. Five-star hotels are located 20-30 km away from Demre centre.

Demre Accommodation Options

Start by examining the accommodation options listed below for your Demre holiday plan.

Hotels and Holiday Villages

Demre Hotels and Holiday Villages

There are many hotels and holiday villages around Demre. You can choose between facilities located by the sea or in nature.


Demre Hostels

There are also smaller, family-run hostels in Demre. These types of accommodations generally have a warmer, more friendly atmosphere.

Apart Hotels

Demre Apart Hotels

Aparthotels, where you can prepare your own food or benefit from local restaurants, may also be an option.

Boutique Hotels

Demre Boutique Hotels bungalow

Boutique hotels with personalized service and carefully decorated rooms can offer a more special accommodation experience.

Demre Hotels – 14 Hotel List

You can plan your holiday by reviewing the hotel list below. You can see the images, prices and availability of the hotels on the Map link. Again, you can ask your questions regarding your special needs by contacting the business owners via the links.

  1. Andriake Beach Club Hotel > Map
  2. Sahil Pension > Map
  3. Kekova Pansiyon > Map
  4. Villa Noble Demre Villas & Apartments > Map
  5. Dufa Bungalow > Map
  6. Köşk bungalow&cafe > Map
  7. Martı Bungalow > Map
  9. Villa d’Mare > Map
  10. Soral Village Bungalow > Map
  11. Mina Suit Apart > Map
  12. Riviera Bungalow Evleri Demre > Map
  14. Soral Apart > Map

Transfer from Antalya to Demre

There are many options for transportation from Antalya airport to Dem. Shared transfer, Private VIP transfer and taxi options are the prominent ones. If you will be traveling to Antalya airport by rental car, you can get directions from the map below. You can check the transportation time and km information on the page below.

If you are looking for a transfer from Antalya airport to Demre, you can choose the one that suits your needs from these options.

Places to visit in Demre

You can discover daily tours and activities by reviewing our article on places to visit in Demre.

History and Culture

Demre is a district of Antalya province in southwestern Turkey. Demre, known as Myra in ancient times, stands out especially with its historical and cultural riches. The Ancient City of Myra contains important ruins from the Lycian Civilization and draws attention especially with its theater from the Roman period. In addition, one of the most well-known symbols of Demre is that it is the place where St. Nicholas, known as a saint, is believed to have been born. St. Nicholas is a historical figure who forms the basis of the legend of Santa Claus. Therefore, Demre is an important destination that offers visitors an interesting experience with its history, culture and religious heritage.

Demre Restaurant Food

You can find the list of restaurants where you can eat out during your Demre holiday in the list below.

  • Limon Café & Restaurant
  • Suna’nın Yeri
  • Kale Restaurant
  • Demre Meyhane
  • Meryem Ana Meyhane
  • Myra Fish Restaurant
  • Deniz Restaurant
  • Gönül Pide Salonu
  • Marina Restaurant
  • Antik Tiyatro Restaurant
  • Papalina Meyhane
  • Akdeniz Balık Evi
  • Zeytin Cafe & Restaurant
  • Taşlık Restaurant
  • Sahil Pide Salonu

In this guide, we have brought together hotels, culture, accommodation options, restaurants and daily trips for a holiday in Demre. I hope it will be useful. Wishing you a good holiday…

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