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Things to do in Kaleici; What do you not know about Kaleiçi, the pearl and sine qua non of the center of Antalya? The history of Kaleiçi, places to visit, museums, places and more are with you in Kaleiçi Guide…

Our tourism capital Antalya, a full settlement in the warmth of the Mediterranean. If you say sea, there is, if you say history, it has precious works that appear in front of you step by step.

“The Pearl of Antalya” Kaleici (Old Town) is a whole other mystery. On one side Mediterranean Sea bay houses on one side and centuries-old lives intermingling with each other. The streets that reign between the historical walls, the dazzling historical mansions. Arm-in-arm coexistence of past and present Kaleici (Old Town).

Antalya Castle Guide Things to do in Kaleici Kaleici


Antalya The first point you will start exploring when you come to the center Kaleici (Old Town) Must be. It’s not just summer, 365 You can visit Kaleiçi during the day, summer and winter. If you still haven’t seen Kaleiçi and breathed in for a breath, it’s a big loss. Antalya Kaleiçi should be one of the first routes you should add to your trip plan within the opportunity.

General Information About Kaleiçi

AntalyaOne of the 5 central districts of Muratpasa It is located on the borders of Kaleiçi. The curvy and narrow streets of Kaleiçi, where you will feel like you have taken a journey in the past, will take you away from you. Horses Its walls turned to the Mediterranean and hosted many civilizations. Sometimes it was a refuge for pirates, pirate port is famous as.

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To understand the history of Kaleiçi, we need to look at the history of Antalya. AntalyaAncient Pamphylia Regionwas located on the borders of . King of Pergamon Attalus II was established by and Attaleia is named after him. Kaleiçi started to grow rapidly within the body of the Pergamon Empire. Pergamon EmpireAlthough it hosted pirates for a while after the destruction of Roman EmpireWith the capture of the city, it became a shining settlement.

During the Roman period, the historical walls were expanded, with the acceleration of trade Attaleiahas been one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Roman EmpireOne of the most important rulers of Hadrian (Hadrian) He visited Attaleia. One of the most valuable buildings of the city today Hadrian’s Gate it crowns Kaleiçi by taking the greatest evidence of the visit of that day.

Hellenistic Period The growth that started with gained momentum in Rome and never stopped. In its history of more than 2000 years Attaleia it has always increased its momentum. RomeAfter Byzantine It was an important episcopal center. In 1207 Turks has captured the city. Anatolian Seljuk State Ruler I. Gıyaseddin Keyhusrev The city, although soon lost, was lost in 1216 by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan. I. Izzeddin Keykavus has been reconquered by . With the settlement of the Turks in Antalya, Kaleiçi grew even more, the walls were repaired and many structures were built. Today, we can call it the symbol of Kaleiçi Fluted Minaret and some other structures Seljuk scars.

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During the Ottoman period Antalya, which was first connected to the Anatolian Province and then to the Teke Province, was a short period of time Sanjak of Şehzade has also functioned as. Kaleici (Old Town) In the Ottoman period port It did not lose its character and the people continued to live in the castle. In certain periods Fires Although the living Kaleiçi has received great destruction, it is appreciated by those who come with its historical buildings and streets.

In Kaleiçi, which has become more magnificent with the renovations made today; approximately It is located in 3000 houses. In 1972, “Protected Area” declared Kaleiçi district and Antalya inner harbor is one of the places that must be protected with its unique texture. Antalya Kaleiçi with more than 2000 years of age, uninterrupted settlement until today is one of the rare areas. Hellenistic PeriodFrom OttomanThe traces left by different civilizations will take you on a unique journey in Kaleiçi. What you will see on this journey, what will attract your attention is all in the continuation of our article, Things to do in Kaleici City List…

What are the Features of Kaleiçi?

The first preferred place in the city to see Kaleiçi is usually Republic Square OK. When you occur One of the symbols of Antalya The Fluted Minaret immediately salutes with all its beauty. When you watch Kaleiçi from this point, what you will immediately notice is “Horses” form. Kaleiçi’s internal and external horseshoe-shaped fortifications It stands before you with its age exceeding 2000 years.

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Although most of the fortifications have been destroyed, even those that have survived offer glimpses of Attaleia’s glorious past. This is the city walls you see Hellenistic, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman it is actually the common heritage of their time. Each of them made additions to the castle walls and strengthened the walls. There were about 80 bastions in the castle.

Kaleiçi’s Streets is narrow and curved. Starting from the top, you cross the streets downhill as you descend to the seaside. These streets, each of which has a different visuality, will take you to an interesting point. Streets so mysterious that you won’t want to enter or leave.

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About 3000 houses, each with a different beauty, are the pearls of Kaleiçi. Bay and with a tile roof These houses usually consist of 2 floors. The presence of 3-storey houses is also available. Houses in Antalya, where the summer season is hot precaution against heat It is designed with a number of add-ons. Also houses extended families it is made in such a way that it can live. For centuries, people from different religions, different languages and races have lived in Kaleiçi in a friendly manner.

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Nowadays renovated Kaleiçi houseswelcomes thousands of tourists with its colorful paints, exterior decorations and functional features. After the 1980s, the number of people living in Kaleiçi decreased and started to serve more tourism. There are very few people living in Kaleiçi all the time and most of the houses are bed and breakfast, restaurant, Bar or shop serves as. Be sure to throw yourself into the streets of Kaleiçi and discover the special points, places and museums.

Things to do in Kaleici City

Yivli Minare Mosque and Complex

Antalya’s symbolThe face of advertising is the Yivli Minaret. It is even the first stop of Antalya trips that are wondered and visited. Muratpasa County Kaleici (Old Town) neighborhood. In the center of Antalya The first Seljuk and Islam works.

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When you come to the Republic Square, in all its glory “Hello” he tells his visitors. Although Yivli Minaret is known only as a mosque, it is actually a Complex and many building communities. Yivli Minaret Complex is known as and Yivli Mosque, Atabey Armağan Madrasah (II.Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Madrasah), Imaret Madrasah (Ulu Mosque Madrasah), Mawlavi House, Yivli Minaret Bath, Zincirkıran Mehmed Bey and From the tombs of Nigar Hatun is formed. Undoubtedly, the most famous structure is the “Yivli Minaret”, which also gave its name to the complex.

It is known that it was built in the first quarter of the 13th century Yivli Minare MosqueIt is estimated that it was originally built on a Byzantine church. Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I also because it was made during the period of Alaaddin Mosque is also referred to as. Yivli Minare Mosque the oldest mosque in the city is known as. In Anatolian Seljuk architecture multi-domed Mosque type is the oldest example. It has 6 domes. It has a rectangular plan and is plain. When you look at the materials of the mosque, the remains of the ancient period were also usedYou’ll notice. The finds in the section of the mosque that is closed with a glass will not escape your attention. Inside Spolia columns adds difference to the mosque.

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Fluted Minaret, without a doubt the most valuable of this building community. It was built during the reign of the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I. It overlooks the city with a height of about 39 meters on a square pedestal. The body of the structure brick and From turquoise colored tiles is formed. Existing in the body 8 half cylinders Its shape makes this minaret unique. Briefly 8 grooves and because of the grooves, it was settled in the languages as the Yivli Minaret. It has a great meaning in the art of Seljuk ornamentation”eight corners” or “the number eight“We see it often. We see this feature in the Yivli Minaret.

Yivli Minaret, the highest point of Kaleiçi, can be seen from everywhere. It would be prudent to start your Antalya trip here. Then in the courtyard of the mosque Nigar Khatun (She was the concubine of Sultan Bayezid II) Tomb‘s visit to the complex Antalya Mevlevi HouseYou can visit . Antalya Mevlevi House Museum Free. Imaret Madrasah serves as a shopping place with shops.

Historical Clock Tower

Cumhuriyet Street on Kalekapisi is in the position called. Another of the symbolic structures of the city, Clock Tower It was built on top of the outer walls.

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This clock tower by whom and when Although there is no exact information about its construction, it is thought that it was dedicated to the 25th year of Sultan Abdülhamit II’s accession to the throne. Its construction year corresponds to 1901. Square body clocks are located on all four sides of the clock tower. At the top bell exists.

Clock Tower Right away Next The Imposing Mosque is Tekeli Mehmet Pasha MosqueIs. The mosque, which is estimated to have been built in the 1600s and mentioned by Evliya Çelebi in his Travelogue, is an Ottoman period structure. Since 2018, renovations have been carried out at the mosque.

Hadrian’s Gate

It is one of the best preserved and most spectacular buildings of Antalya Hadrian’s Gate. Becoming one of the symbols of the city This historic gate that is 1870 years old One of the quietest witnesses of Antalya. Ataturk StreetThe gate located in can be the first point where you can enter Kaleiçi if you wish.

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Roman Emperor Hadrian It was built in the name of Hadrian in 130 AD. Hadrian, who is considered one of the 5 great emperors of Rome (they were called the Five Good Emperors or Adopted Emperors) In memory of his visit to Antalya has been built. Emperor Hadrian made frequent travels during his reign and visited many places in Anatolia. This door The most beautiful gate of the Pamphylia Region it is obvious that it is.

In the words of the people “Three Doors” because the door has 3 arched openings. Also “Marble Door” is also referred to as. On both sides of the door is known not to have been made in the same period a tower Located. Door Southern tower Julia Sancta Tower and has been standing since the time it was built. North The lower part of the tower belongs to the ancient period and the upper part was rebuilt during the reign of Alaaddin Keykubat I Seljuk traces Moves.

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A typical The Roman crown gate Reminiscent of Hadrian’s Gate Decorations is remarkable. The gate that offers examples of the splendor of the Roman period with columns has been made more eye-catching by being supported. On both the front and rear of the door 4 columns each Located. The carvings and reliefs on the door, which reflect the traces of Rome that give life to marble, are eye-catching. Herbal motifs, Lion Heads Splendor of the structure in all its delicacyIt does.

Walking through the door One can’t help but think that: On the one hand, Antalya, one of the most popular tourism centers in the world, The modern faceand when you pass through the door, Pamphylia’s Traces of antiquity. How many parts of the world have such a rich embrace of civilizations?

Why not have a photo of you at Hadrian’s Gate, where every tourist who comes to Antalya wants to take a souvenir photo?

Suna – İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum

This is a must-see in Kaleiçi Ethnography Museum. This museum is the late businessman Vehbi Koç’s daughter Suna Kıraç and his wife İnan Kıraç is a project implemented by . Together with her husband İnan Kıraç, she has taken part in many projects and has implemented a museum such as the Pera Museum. Suna Kirac Unfortunately, he passed away in September 2020.

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It is registered as a cultural asset that needs to be protected in this museum in Antalya Kaleiçi two buildings Located; a traditional turkish house and a Orthodox church. Before Suna and İnan Kıraç bought these buildings, they were both in ruins. After the necessary renovations between 1993 and 1995, in 1995 As a museum has been inaugurated. It is a private museum and its entrance charges apply. The museum, which is closed on Mondays, entrance fee is very small 5 TL.

The museum presents sections of Antalya’s own culture and also describes the traditional ceremonies and customs of our beautiful Anatolia Koç Group it reflects his meticulousness. The Orthodox church here “Aya Yorgi Church” and artistic events are occasionally organized in the area within this church. If you are on your way to Kaleiçi, be sure to visit this delightful museum.

Antalya Ethnography Museum

This is another must-see museum of Kaleiçi. Ethnographic MuseumInput of Free. Even if you spend half an hour to this museum while strolling through the streets of Kaleiçi, you will enjoy it very much. Because inside the museum you will find a lot about Antalya’s culture and human life.

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Museum From 2 separate mansions is formed. First of all, you can start your tour from the mansion at the top. Child Host and Parent Host These two buildings were built in classical Ottoman architecture dating back to the 19th century. Lower host Number 1, the upper part of the mansion Number 2 are denoted by .

Mansion 1 that is, in the subordinate host Turkish-Islamic Works Located. Especially in this section where the tiles attract attention Seljuk Different from the Ottoman period Tile Works is being exposed. The artifacts unearthed from the excavations in Kaleiçi are also in this section. Also on the second floor of this sub-mansion number 1 is various Weapons, Pistols, Seals, Hobbled Clocks and more. Each one individually is very special and beautiful.

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Mansion 2 that is, if it is in the upper mansion Items unique to Antalya region is remarkable. On the first floor of the mansion, the remains of the Ottoman period door knockers, window sashes, Doors, Keyslocal Fabrics is remarkable. In the windows musical instruments gives information about the folk instruments of the Antalya region. Also on the first floor Antalya cuisine revived and various utensils were put on display in this kitchen.

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To the second floor When you come out, you see that the rooms and functions in these houses, where the large families of the Ottoman period lived, are revived. Hosted by guests Baird, where households sit and get up daily room, bedroom and bathroom very nice tasaAmen. Local clothes, bride-groom clothes, local jewelry and jewelry in the mosques tell us about the recent past of Antalya. Has a special place in our culture coffee not forgotten. UNESCO’s List of Intangible World Heritage SitesLocated in Turkish coffee It was very important for our people in the past. On this occasion, it is of course a great pleasure that the items describing the coffee culture have taken their place here.

Museum in the garden part Various cannons, cannonballs, tombstones, inscriptions of the Anatolian Seljuk period, various tombstones are exhibited. Visiting this cute museum in Kaleiçi will give you great clues from Antalya’s recent past.

Antalya Marine Biology Museum

It is the first marine biology museum of Turkey. It is definitely one of the most different points of Kaleiçi to be seen. It is a museum where families with children can spend time alone and enjoy. Museum entrance fee 6 TL (2020 price), adult, student, teacher, retired and Families for discount Implemented. Closed on Mondays The museum is open on other days of the week.

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In Turkey marine biology established under the name first museum Of course, this place makes it different. It would not be wrong to say that he is the father of ideas, even the mother of the museum, Dr. Elif Ozgur OzbekIs. Antalya born Elif Hanım, marine biology He is a very valuable person who has a doctorate on the subject, who has taken part in many national and international projects and who has written dozens of articles in this major. With the approval and support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, this building was restored and opened as a museum in 2014.

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The inside of the museum is really nice. Blue colours it makes you feel like you’re in a corner of the Mediterranean. The walls are painted blue, of a pirate ship Decorations are made with decors that will give the feeling inside. Dozens of kinds of sea creatures are exhibited in the mosques. The ropes around, the fishing nets are definitely the decorations that express the sea most beautifully. With the feeling of watching under the sea in a pirate ship, you can explore sea creatures like this. an authentic museum Not elsewhere.

In total inside the museum 500 kinds of sea creatures exists. Especially sharks are among the creatures that attract the most attention of those who come. Stingrays, Subsidiaries, Squids, Octopuses, shrimps, lobsters, sea urchins, dozens of species of fish and more… I would like to say do not miss this cute museum that you will enjoy very much.

Antalya Toy Museum

Another museum that will make you smile in Antalya Kaleiçi… Entry toll you pay a reasonable price for the museum which is. Adult 6 TL, family fee 6 TL, studentteacherretired is only 3.5 TL (2020 prices). A museum full of pleasure that can be recommended especially for families with children.

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Antalya Toy Museum 23 April 2011 was put into service in the year. Approximately in the museum opened on the day of National Sovereignty and Children’s Day 3 thousand toys Exhibited. As it is known Turkey’s first toy museum in Istanbul then tap In Izmir was established. Antalya Toy Museum if The third toy museum of our country welcomes its visitors.

Famous researcher, poet, writer, journalist and theater actor Sunay Akinopened Turkey’s first toy museum in Istanbul. This toy museum in Kaleiçi, Antalya, was founded in 2011. Under the supervision of Sunay Akınhas been implemented as an important project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

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Even if it is imitation Ancient toys, many examples of today’s toys are exhibited in the museum Anatolia’s and dCountries of the world You see their toys. From the 1860s to the 1980s, many precious antique toys put a smile on the faces of those who came. Beloved cartoon characters Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Red Kit, Daltons, Micky Mouse, Casper, Smurfs, Keloğlan, Cinderella, Nasreddin Hoca and more are the must-haves of the museum. Toy samples from many countries of the world also add a great richness to the museum.

One of the few toy museums in our country, Toy Museum in KaleiçiBe sure to see the . You can be sure that you will find a lot from your own childhood.

Kaleiçi Panoramic Elevator

If you come all the way to the Toy Museum, the To the Elevator How about you ride and enjoy Kaleiçi?

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Kaleiçi Panoramic Elevator It was built in 2014. Thanks to the elevator built to facilitate the landing at the marina Easier access to Kaleiçi you can provide. You can use this elevator, which facilitates not only the descent but also the exit, after you visit Kaleiçi and finish your work. When you go upstairs, you can see that Kaleiçi exquisite view You can relieve your tiredness by sipping something in the accompaniment. There are many cafes in the place where the visitors take souvenir photos. Remember, you don’t pay to ride the Elevator Free.

Kaleiçi Marina

When you reach the seashore in Kaleiçi, of the cliffs In fact, you have reached the most historical point of this city built on it. Here in antiquity Korykos The existence of a pirate port named after him is known. Korykos, which remains in the dusty pages of history, has been replaced by modern Antalya of the 2000s and day and night as it is a separate pleasant yacht marina has revealed. It is not possible to come to Antalya and return without stopping by the marina.

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A beautiful observation of the historic fortifications dinner, an authentic Mediterranean menu The marina will be the right address for . You can enjoy Kaleiçi with fresh seafood in the delicious restaurants here.

Another thing you can do in the marina Activity if boat tours you can join. Daily or hourly boat tours You have the chance to watch Antalya and the cliffs from the sea. You can get information from the boats located in the port, clarify the fees and the program of the boat.

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Without a doubt, the cutest structure of the Marina is hexagonal plan built as Pier Masjid (İskele Mosque). This charming mosque dated 1903, which is one of the last period buildings of the Ottoman Empire, Teke Mutasarrıfı Bedirhan Paşazadelerin Kenan Pasha was built by. Its wooden minaret, which is small like itself, adds a difference to the marina with its cute and authentic appearance.

Forty Stairs

Very close to Iskele Masjid Forty Stairs It is one of the historical points of Kaleiçi. However Let us state right away that; If you want to climb or descend forty stairs you need to be very, very careful. Lots of stairs slippery and because of wear over the years slippery There is a high probability that you will slip on the steps that become available. Therefore, you need to walk very carefully by holding on or not walking at all.

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The known history of the Forty Stairs is; Seljuk ruler in 1117 Ma with Byzantine emperor Alexius An agreement is made between . In accordance with this agreement, the Port of Antalya To the Byzantines is given. Byzantium, on the other hand, neglected this place and the port Venetians hand. These stairs were also used at that time. Venetians is built here by.

It is a very important place between the city center and the marina. Transition point The Forty Stairs are built of cut block stones. As one of the only works of the Byzantine period, it is a great cultural heritage for Antalya and it is very precious. Name Forty Stairs though actually From 44 digits occurs.

Keçili Park and Mermerli Beach

Kaleiçi’s single beach Mermerli Beach and just located on the upper side of Keçili Park one of the must-see places. Summer term Mermerli Beach it’s very intense. Although the already small beach is crowded throughout the summer, it offers beautiful views to photography enthusiasts in the springs. Keçili Park is a beautiful park named after the two goat statues in it and appreciated by those who come with its view because it is in a high position. If you have time, be sure to stop by and have your picture here.

Hidirlik Tower

Although the exact date of construction is unknown, it is a 2nd century AD structure, even the emperor Hadrian period. Hidirlik Tower is one of the iconic buildings of the city. It is located to the south of the walls of Kaleiçi.

1683581299 810 Antalya Castle Guide Things to do in Kaleici Kaleici

Karaalioglu ParkThe tower on the sea side of is beautiful during the day, and at night it seems to take on a completely different shape as it is illuminated. The lower part is square shaped upper part if cylinder designed with bodywork. It has a height of 14 meters. The tower has been used for centuries both for defensive purposes and for surveillance against a danger that may come from the sea.

Karaalioglu Park

You should not return without a small walk in Karaalioğlu Park, which includes the Hıdırlık Tower. It is the most beautiful park of Antalya here. Especially in the afternoon at sunset It pleases you with its view. If you have the opportunity, I say watch a sunset here on the seashore.

1683581300 122 Antalya Castle Guide Things to do in Kaleici Kaleici

The park, the foundations of which were laid in the 1930s, has been for years. People from Antalya has become a ritual for. Since then, this park, which has been constantly labored and growing, has become one of the symbols of the city. This place is special for every Antalyaite.

The main streets, walking paths, pools, sculptures, trees and plants in the park will give you a full breath. Stroll in Karaalioğlu Park, one step away from Kaleiçi, Beydagi‘s magic sunset You can crown your day in the view.

Karatay Madrasah

Another valuable structure of Kaleiçi, whose name is not well known, is Karatay MadrasahIs. Seljuk Sultan in 1250-1251 II. Izzeddin Keykavus period. Celaleddin Karatay It was called Karatay Madrasah because it was built by Karatay Madrasah. Especially crown gate Seljuk rich craftsmanship is notable for. From the structure Unfortunately Not much remains to this day. However, the remains of the Anatolian Seljuk period single madrasa is of great importance in terms of being .

There are many other historical buildings in Kaleiçi. Some of the historical buildings that you will suddenly come across during your walk are; Yenikapı Bath (19th century), Yenikapı Greek Church (Hagios Alypios Church – 19th century), Sultan Aladdin Mosque (Panhagia Church – 1834).

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Accommodation in Kaleiçi

If you come to Antalya and have the idea of staying in Kaleiçi, let’s say that there are many alternatives. To make a mystical stay in the historical streets of Kaleiçi Boutique hotels it will be just for you. Both close to the marina and in the upper part of the many boutique hotel and bed and breakfast existent. Here, of course, the choice is up to you.

Places to Eat and Drink in Kaleiçi

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In Kaleiçi food & beverage options are more than available. If you want to eat in the marina close to the sea Pier Fish Steak House among those to be recommended. Mirror is also one of the delicious places in the marina.

If you are after authentic places in the narrow streets of Kaleiçi, then Yemeni Tavern it will be our first recommendation. It is one of the places where you will be satisfied with its friendly staff and service. Their live music, appetizers, seafood are really delicious.

1683581300 402 Antalya Castle Guide Things to do in Kaleici Kaleici

Again Fisherman’s Tavern Kaleiçi is also one of the most preferred places. Decent venue, delicious presentations. Regulars is a very nice place with breakfast and dinner. Lavin Tavern is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Kaleiçi.

Of course, there is much more. In Kaleiçi, where the nightlife is enthusiastic, there are many Bar, restaurant, Pub with live music existent. Where to have fun and where to eat is up to you, but spend an evening in Kaleiçi on your Antalya trip.

1683581300 127 Antalya Castle Guide Things to do in Kaleici Kaleici

Antalya Kaleiçi is one of the most touristic places both in our country and in the world. Opportunity Antalya Kaleici Be sure to add to your program.

Have a nice trip…

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