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A fascinating meeting of history and nature awaits you along the mysterious shores of Antalya. Perge is one of these magical cities and offers visitors the majestic splendor and rich cultural heritage of antiquity.

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Perge, B.C. It is an ancient city founded by the Lycian people in the 1000s, and later came under the rule of Pamphylia and the Roman Empire. Being influenced by many civilizations throughout its history has created Perge’s unique blend: architectural structures such as ancient theaters, temples, agora and baths have survived to this day as a sign of the city’s wealth and importance.

The ancient theater is one of the most striking buildings in Perge. This enormous theater was capable of accommodating thousands of spectators and was the center of entertainment and cultural events of ancient times. Visitors can feel the sounds and memories from prehistory by walking the steps of this magnificent theatre.

Perge is also home to religious buildings of ancient times. Temples and sacred sites along the main street offer visitors the opportunity to trace ancient religious rituals and worship.

Agora was the center of Perge’s social and commercial life. This large square served as a meeting point for various business activities, political debates, and social events. Residents of the Agora can still feel the spirits of people wandering around the square even today.

The baths in Perge were important social and cultural centers of the ancient period. Visitors can trace the luxury and comfort of ancient times while wandering among the ruins of these baths.

Perge is famous not only for its historical riches but also for its natural beauties. The magnificent views of Antalya combined with the mystical atmosphere of Perge offer an unforgettable experience.

Perge is not just an ancient city, but also a treasure chest full of stories, beliefs and cultures of the people who once lived here. Join this unique journey and discover the fascinating world of Perge.

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