Grand Bazaar Kundu Antalya – VLOG

This VLOG We introduced Grand Bazaar Kundu, one of Antalya’s favorite shopping malls.

First, let’s give some information about Grand Bazaar Kundu. This charming shopping mall is located in the touristic Kundu area of Antalya. Opened in 2012, this modern bazaar attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.

Grand Bazaar Kundu What’s In?

Now, when we step inside, we encounter a fascinating atmosphere. Attractive shops, colorful showcases and an environment full of various products greet us.

First, we can wander through the clothing and fashion stores. There are boutiques offering many options from Turkish brands to international designers. You can follow the latest fashion trends, shop or just shop around.

Then we can move on to the jewelry and accessories section. As you browse through silver, gold and handmade jewelry, you can find unique and special pieces. You can even see examples of local handicrafts.

Then we can explore electronics stores. A wide range of cutting-edge products is offered for mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. You can find the latest technology products to meet your needs.

We can take a look at the restaurant and cafe options to relieve the tiredness of shopping and have something to eat. You can taste the flavors of Turkish cuisine and try options from world cuisines. You can also pamper yourself with dessert and coffee options.


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Grand Bazaar Kundu is a true paradise for shopaholics. There are countless options to spend a day here. Filled with a fun shopping experience and various options, this bazaar offers unforgettable memories to its visitors.

If you are in Antalya or have a travel plan, you should definitely consider visiting Grand Bazaar Kundu. Great place for a good shopping experience!


I hope you enjoyed and liked the Grand Bazaar Kundu Antalya VLOG. Don’t forget to follow my new videos! See you later!

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