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Best Belek Hotels; Belek, one of the first places that come to mind on the southern coast when it comes to holidays, is a holiday paradise connected to the Serik district of Antalya. Belek, the settlement with the 4th highest tourist capacity in Turkey, is located about 30 kilometers from the city center in the east of Antalya. The region, which is especially famous for golf, conference and sports tourism, offers an impressive atmosphere to its visitors with its natural beauties. For a pleasant holiday, different concept hotels and natural beauties, you can turn your route to Belek, which welcomes tourists from many countries.

Top Belek Hotel Recommendations

Belek, whose reputation with its tourism volume has spread not only in Antalya but also in Turkey and the world, welcomes visitors from many countries of the world, especially Russia. For this reason, hundreds of facilities suitable for different tastes and budgets serve in the region. If you are dreaming of a holiday with all the shades of blue and green, you can start to examine our recommendations for the best Belek hotels in different concepts.

Best Belek Hotels

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort

Maxx Royal Belek

If you want to feel privileged with an extraordinary experience, Maxx Royal Golf Resort, one of the most luxurious and good hotels in the region, is for you. A dreamlike holiday is waiting for you in the hotel, which offers a combination of fascination and comfort of nature. Maxx Royal Belek has special accommodation alternatives according to your preference, restaurants offering exclusive tastes from different cuisines of the world, pool, aquapark, spa and much more. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort, which is a good alternative for meetings and events, is also frequently preferred for family holidays. In the hotel, which offers many activities and facilities for children of all age ranges, your children enjoy the fun while you are on your holiday. If you want an isolated holiday without sacrificing comfort, you can also check out the villa-type accommodation of the hotel.


Rixos Premium Belek

Rixos Premium Belek

One of the most popular luxury hotels for a peaceful holiday is Rixos Premium Belek. The luxury hotel, which fascinates those who go with its magnificent beach and view among the pine forests, is also preferred because it is close to the Taurus Mountains, national parks and ruins. Here you can discover the culture of the city on the one hand and find peace with natural beauties on the one hand and have a holiday full of comfort on the other hand. The hotel is located in harmony with nature with its peaceful atmosphere and architecture in simple and natural tones. You can choose from the accommodation in Deluxe, Suite and Villa concepts. At Rixos Premium Belek, you can attend concerts and enjoy activities such as a spa and a kids’ club. If you want to enjoy the sea, you can experience an isolated pleasure in your private beach cabanas.


Voyage Belek Golf & Spa

voyage belek

Featuring a sandy beach, the luxurious Voyage Belek is located 37 kilometers from Antalya Airport. You can have a pleasant golf experience all day in the property which hosts the most prestigious golf tournaments. It is worth mentioning that there are also a variety of accommodation alternatives in Voyage.

Bungalow roomYou can choose a standard room, Laguna or family room. It is also possible to taste gastronomic delicacies during your holiday in Voyage Belek. If sea, sand and sun are indispensable, we can say that the private sand beach on the blue flag coastline is just for you. There are also different areas of the beach for adults and families.


Selectum Luxury Resort

Selectum Belek

Selectum Luxury Resort, one of the 5-star and luxury hotels among Belek hotels, welcomes its guests with the promise of an unforgettable holiday with its different room alternatives, high quality service, exclusive tastes, entertainment and activities that appeal to all ages.

With its fairy-tale atmosphere, magnificent architecture and unique location, it offers an exclusive holiday experience worthy of its name. The luxurious resort features rooms with balconies and spacious rooms with private hot tubs. Let us remind you that the hotel has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool as well as a beach of unique beauty.


The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel

The Land of Legend Kingdom Hotels

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel, which causes a smile on the faces of families with children, holds the title of being the first hotel for children in Turkey. While entertaining your children with its fun and fairy-tale atmosphere, you can immerse yourself in this magical world. The property also serves as a theme park and shopping center. During your stay, you can find solutions to all your needs at the property.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom is designed for kidsIt provides service with its 401 fairytale rooms, suites, award-winning SPA, swimming pool, restaurants where entertainment and taste are served together. Magnificent events and shows that appeal to guests of all ages are also among the must-haves of the property. If you are looking for an alternative where everything is considered for children, you can check out the colorful facility.


Ela Excellence Resort Belek

Ela Resort Belek

Ela Excellence Resort, which makes you feel the nature with its natural environment with its interior decoration bearing the signature of world-famous designers, serves with high guest satisfaction. Hotel forest and sea views is one of the prominent pluses of the facility. According to your needs and preferences, you can choose the one that suits you from the different accommodation concepts of the hotel. If you wish, you can stay in suites, villas if you wish, or in rooms next to the specially designed lakeside concept pool. At the same time, you can experience different tastes in the elegant and spacious restaurants of the hotel, which promises a unique gastronomic journey. You can add Ela Excellence Resort to your alternative list for a peaceful holiday option where you can feel the nature all day long.


Gloria Serenity Resort

Gloria Serenity

Aiming at high customer satisfaction with the slogan of where nature meets luxury, the property provides service with its luxurious and exclusive rooms. In Gloria Serenity, where the garden arrangement is at the forefront, the rooms welcome the guests with a simple and classic decoration in accordance with the nature theme. You may want to stop the time while relieving the tiredness of the year in the specially allocated fringed gazebos on the beach.  The hotel also offers activities and spaces for children of all ages with the Gogi Kids Club. On-site facilities feature golf, meetings and spa. If food is a passion for you, you should definitely experience the delicacies offered by the hotel from Asian, Aegean, French, Italian, Japanese and Turkish cuisine.


Regnum Carya

regnum carya

Another property that appears in the list of the best hotels in Belek is Regnum Carya. The 5-star resort offers free parking space, outdoor pool, jacuzzi, luxurious rooms with most sea views and furnished balconies. The suites have a living room and jacuzzi facilities.

The hotel has 6 restaurants and 7 bars where different tastes of world cuisine are crowned with elegant presentations. A gym, luxury spa, indoor and outdoor pool, tennis counters, golf course and a private beach with a pier are also at your service to live your holiday to the fullest with many activities. Regnum Carya is located in the Kadriye region.


Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa

cornelia diamond

Cornelia Diamond, which has been welcoming its guests since 2008, is like a paradise hidden in the middle of greenery. The hotel in İskele Mevkii says hello to its guests with its perfectionist line with 5 stars. In the property where you can start your perfect holiday by choosing the most suitable one for your needs from different room options, you may not understand how time passes when you say daytime activities and evening shows.

You can taste the delicacies of the world cuisine with its airy restaurant with sea view, and you can continue to maintain your form by going down to the gym. It is also worth remembering that Cornelia Diamond is an activity club of 5000 m2 for children and teenagers.


Calista Luxury Hotel

Calista Resort

Right by the sea location and Blue Flag Beach Calista Luxury Resort, which has managed to be one of the first places that come to mind for a holiday alternative intertwined with nature, is located approximately 25 kilometers from the airport. The hotel offers many activities such as basketball, billiards, darts, cinema, bowling, parachuting, windsurfing, tennis, jet-ski, yoga, pilates to the hotel and many other activities.

In the hotel concept, you can often see flexible lines and circular shapes. You can choose from stylish and elegant rooms according to your preference as standard or VIP. It is worth remembering that the hotel also serves for special days, meetings and events.


Where to stay in Belek

Belek is a village in the District of Serik, Antalya. Especially for hotels, there are not many different location suggestions. There are beautiful hotel alternatives everywhere in Belek. However, if the sea is indispensable for you, you can choose the hotels on the blue flag coastline. If you need a calm atmosphere in a little more nature, you may like the places towards Kadriye. If sports are a part of your life, you can also choose places close to golf courses or hotels with golf courses.

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