Antalya Dishes – Where to Eat in Antalya?

What would you like to eat when you come to Antalya? What to eat and where to eat in our world-famous tourism resort? What are the venue recommendations? We have prepared it for you.

Antalya Dishes: One of the best parts of traveling is undoubtedly tasting the different dishes. In a new city you go to, sometimes you can throw yourself into the streets and of shabby places you track it down. You know that those places are in between; A map of the city’s flavors presents it in front of you. These are the places where you can find tastes that have been going on for years.

In addition Stylish restaurants The moment you create a reason to pamper yourself, you embrace a pleasant evening with a special menu.

When you come to Antalya We have prepared a full alternative for those who think where and what should I eat. Whether traditional tastes or different presentations… Smelling of history and culture in the Mediterranean blue In Antalya what to eat where to eat? Venue recommendations what are they?

1. Antalya Piyaz

Antalya Piyaz

In my opinion, you will taste it when you come to the center of Antalya first flavour piyaz Must be. Why?? Because it’s so different from what you’ve eaten before. Moreover geographically marked a product Antalya Piyazi.

Piyaz is one of the indispensable classics of Antalya Cuisine. Piyaz Not to mention that it is really delicious and different. Moreover, it is very satisfying. Approximately One hundred years old has a history Antalya Style Piyazhas a great reputation for its tahini special sauce and different making technique. In 2017, the Turkish Patent Institute announced that “Geographically Indicated Product” is registered as. That is Proprietary A flavor piyaz.

Piyaz is eaten and known in many parts of Turkey. But for the people of Antalya, these piyazs are dry and a little tasteless. Antalya Piyazi has plenty of sauce and olive oil. What makes Antalya Piyaz different Tarator sauce to be prepared with. Small and tasty Ch beans, tahini, Tarator sauce When you come together, delicious Antalya Piyazı emerges. Plenty of olive oil and parsley on top. Next to the piyaz, Antalya Köfte or şiş köfte is very delicious.

Where to eat?

So where to eat piyaz in Antalya?

Piyazci Ahmed

The first place we can recommend Piyazci Ahmed. Piyazcı Ahmet, which is 15 minutes away from Cumhuriyet Square, is easy to reach. Piyazcı Ahmet is one of the most well-known places in the city. Apart from the piyaz, Antalya Köfte, şiş köfte, chicken shish and soup are also on the menu. Patties It tastes like full mother meatballs, so some people like it very much, while others can find it strange. But its closure is necessarily pumpkin dessert you should do it with. The pumpkin dessert with plenty of tahini and walnuts is exquisite. Visited by many celebrities and Vedat MilorPiyazcı Ahmet is the first of our venue suggestions.

Piyazci Ahmed Location for CLICK.

Another address is Piyazci Sami. Piyazcı Sami opposite the Governorship of Antalya is again one of the shabby but delicious places. The meatballs, piyaz and zucchini dessert are really delicious here too.

Piyazci Sami Location for CLICK.

Another business we can recommend for Piyaz is Piyazci Hussein. Again one of the most appreciated venues.

Piyazci Hussein Location for CLICK.

If you cannot enter the center of Antalya In Aksu located on the road Famous Aksu Lightning Köfte Piyaz Köfteci İsa One of the most delicious places that can be recommended.

Aksu Simsek Kofty Piyaz Location for CLICK.

2. Fish / Seafood

Coming to Antalya on the Mediterranean coast seafood If you are one of those who say that it is not possible not to taste it, the alternative is of course. Here The decision is yours; An eye-catching honey in a stylish placeIs it a saucer or fresh fish like a bread break in a shabby place?

Fish Seafood

First of all, let it be modest, fish between bread If you want to have a salad next to it and a bidet suitable, there are very nice fishermen in the center. When you order fish between breads, you can also take it with you. unlimited salad you have an alternative.

So where can you eat?

Crispy Fish it would be our first suggestion. Çıtır Balık, located on Atatürk Street, is also very close to the Atatürk House Museum. As you can see from the crowd in front of it, this is one of the most preferred fishermen in the center. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy a delicious fish with an affordable budget. Especially haddock fish bread Great, there is also a choice of different seafood. You choose the salad yourself, and it’s unlimited.

Crispy Fish Location for CLICK.

Seagull Fish Bread is also one of the modest places that can be preferred on Atatürk Street. In the same way you choose your own salad and it is unlimited.

All right a stylish fish restaurant If you are looking for it, then we have a few suggestions.

Located in the center Arma Restaurant It is one of the most decent places in Antalya with its exquisite view and delicious seafood. One of the most ideal places that can definitely be recommended for a very stylish dinner. Seafood is not only seafood in the restaurant, which is appreciated with its different presentations and tastes. The location and view of Arma Restaurant, where different alternatives are available, makes you feel that you are in the Mediterranean.

Arma Restaurant Location for CLICK.

Arma Restaurant

Antalya Fish House is one of the most popular fish restaurants in the city. Lara Street Antalya Balıkevi is also close to Düden Waterfall. Seafood is the kind of food that everyone likes.

Antalya Fish House Location for CLICK.

İskele Fish Cooker Restaurant also Lara Street One of the most stylish fish restaurants in Antalya. The appetizers are delicious, the fish kokoreç is great, and the Mexican squid is mind-blowing. The menu is rich and definitely worth tasting.

Location for CLICK.

In Konyaalti Located Fisherman Bulent one of the venues that gets full marks from its customers. Also located in Konyaaltı, Konyaalti Fisherman is one of the delicious and appreciated places.

Fisherman Bülent Location for CLICK.

3. Sprinkled Dumpling

Sprinkled Dumpling

When it comes to börek in Antalya, it comes to mind Sprinkled fritters; When it comes to spreading börek Bassi Tevfik Coming. We need to taste the crispy spreader pastry of Uncle Tevfik, who has been making börek for about 50 years. Börekçi Tevfik, which is located close to Hadrian’s Gate, is located in a passage. You may have a little trouble finding it. This is a really shabby place, but at the same time it is a classic of Antalya.

The pastries are made fresh and served warmly. So you have to wait a bit. Cheese Or Hash as there is the option. The hand-rolled dough gives life to the crispy pastry. Again Vedat MilorThis is one of the places where the gives full marks to .

Börekçi Tevfik Location for CLICK.

We will have another suggestion of a place where you can eat spread pies: Antalya Style Fitir Sprinkled Dumpling. The sprinkling pastries of this place, also known as Börekçi Hasan, are also very tasty.

Location for CLICK.

4. Burn Ice Cream

Burn Ice Cream

It sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? But one of the most interesting tastes you can taste when you come to Antalya is Burn ice cream Will.

The address of burnt ice cream in Antalya is Mediterranean Ice CreamIs. Akdeniz Ice Cream, one of the oldest dessert shops of the city, offers delicious tastes with more than 50 years of experience. Burnt ice cream is the most popular of these. Akdeniz Ice Cream, which has many branches, is in the center Ali Cetinkaya Street is located on it.

Akdeniz Ice Cream Central Location for CLICKINGYYN.

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Another place where you can eat burnt ice cream Zamora. Zamora, a well-established brand, has both ice cream and kazandibi very tasty. The sawdust fritters are very good. Tahini halva must be tasted.

Whether you like this burnt ice cream made from goat’s milk or not, taste it and decide so. But when you come to Antalya within the opportunity, be sure to taste this original taste.

Zamora For location CLICK.

5. Hibes


It is an appetizer unique to Antalya whose name you have never heard of before Hibes. Hibeş, which is a flavor made by adding tahini, garlic, lemon, black pepper and cumin, is actually similar to hummus. You can think of it like hummus without chickpeas.

This type of cold appetizer is most often of meat dishes it fits the side. Breakfast Hibeş can be eaten on bread. In pasta can be used as a sauce. It is both very tasty and very simple to make. Be sure to ask if there are any hibes in the restaurants you sit in during your visit to Antalya. Be sure to taste this local appetizer in many restaurants.

6. Arab Qadayif

Arab Qadayif

Although the name sounds interesting, it is actually a known flavor. Throughout Turkey “Yassif kadayıf, Tas Kadayif” in Antalya Arab Kadayif is called. It is a type of sherbet dessert and is served with plenty of walnuts. Ice cream on the side goes well on hot summer days.

It is the number one of sherbet desserts in Antalya. So where can you eat arabian kadayif? Hasan Antalya Restaurant, Dilara Yaşar Dessert Ice Cream, Gunner Kebab just a few of the places where you can find this dessert.

7. Bağaça


In the first discourse, it gives the impression of ‘bagel’ “Tree” is again a doughnut unique to Antalya. The delicious journey of tahini, sesame, cinnamon, pine gum, flour, butter and sugar to the bağaça. Bağaça made using chickpea yeast has a long-term satiety effect. Therefore, it is a doughnut that is widely preferred by the people during Ramadan. Moreover, it is a light dessert. This taste, which you can find in the bazaars of Antalya, also has a famous address: The famous 18’s Trees. Located opposite the Antalya Clock Tower, the famous 18’s Bağaçaları also has a branch in Kaleiçi. How about a bağaçaya?

The famous 18’s Trees For location CLICK.

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Places We Can Recommend in Antalya

It is of course impossible to list all the places in Antalya, where there are dozens of stylish, delicious, shabby, modern and delicious places. So what are our venue suggestions?

1. 7 Mehmet

7 Mehmet

Becoming a classic and ranked among the best in Antalya 7 Jack it is definitely at the top of the restaurants to be recommended. Muratpaşa central district Dumlupinar BoulevardLocated in 7 Mehmet, is a pioneering restaurant that shapes traditional tastes with innovations. The place is decent, the service is smooth, and the food is elegant and delicious. The appetizers are delicious, fresh and authentic. A restaurant with a rich menu. Lamb tandoori and many meat dishes are among the delicacies that receive full marks. With its options from modern Mediterranean cuisine, different presentations and diversity, it is up to you to choose 7 Mehmet and experience this atmosphere.

Location for CLICK.

2. Doner Right Father

Doner Right Father

This is a place that was founded in 1924 and has been in service for three generations. One of the delicious and admired establishments of Antalya, Doner Hakki Baba One of the most preferred restaurants with its deep-rooted history and delicious doner. One of the most ideal places we can recommend for a doner meal with taste in a modest place.

Location for CLICK.

3. Squid Fish House

Squid Fish House

Located close to Lower Düden Waterfall, Kalamar Fish House is one of the most delicious restaurants in Antalya. The appetizers and seafood are delicious. The view is delightful. One of the places to be highly recommended.

Location for CLICK.

4. Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

This place is definitely “fine dining” is a very elite venue that deserves to be called. The restaurant in Kaleiçi is clean, stylish and delicious. You can experience different cuisines at Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant, which adds a different atmosphere to the historical Kaleiçi district. Let’s also say that the prices are one click higher.

Location for CLICK.

5. Yemeni Tavern

Yemeni Tavern

There are undoubtedly very decent taverns in Kaleiçi. Yemeni Tavern is one of the first taverns to be recommended. Yemenli Meyhanesi carefully serves delicious appetizers of Turkish cuisine, olive oil dishes and daily fresh seafood to its guests. Moreover, the entertainment with live music is great. At least stop by and check out the menu. You may not be able to say no to their hospitable staff.

Location for CLICK.

6. The Sudd Coffee Old Town

Stop by this boutique coffee shop if you have time. Rest assured, you won’t regret it. One of the best coffee shops in Antalya. In Kaleiçi a small venue here. The variety of coffees is plentiful and very delicious. If you go exploring Kaleiçi I prefer this place for a small rest break and sip your coffee.

Location for CLICK.

7. Justacandy Sweet Factory

Justacandy Sweet Factory

Again In Kaleiçi This is a very cute place that makes faces smile. The handmade candies of the place, which attracts attention with its authentic appearance even when passing outside, are eye-catching and natural. Their cakes and cakes are very, very delicious. You need to take a small break in this sweet place that does not compromise on quality. Waffles There may even be a reason alone to choose this place. Cheesecake is exquisite. Dessert lovers, I would definitely say drop your way here.

Location for CLICK.

8. Pizza Argentina

I hope we don’t exaggerate too much if we say the most delicious pizzeria in the city. This is a small and cute place. Hadrian’s GateIt is located on Recep Peker Street, very close to . The secret of this cute business, which enchants the hearts of the people of Antalya, is in the taste of its pizzas. They make Argentinian style pizza. Moreover When ordering, you can say as much as you want from the pizza type you want. Of course, people like to try different types of pizza at the same time. Pizza Argentina is highly appreciated not only for its pizza but also for its drinks. Homemade lemonade, cold tea and even Buttermilk with basil. If you are craving pizza, I would definitely say stop by this place in Antalya.

Location for CLICK.

9. Mystic By Melissa’s & Vanessa’s Restaurant

Mystic By Melissas Vanessas Restaurant

Dumlupinar Bulvari This is a very special place located in Atatürk Culture Park. Again, it is a place to be recommended to those who are looking for a calm and decent environment that is both stylish and calm. It is intertwined with nature, the ambiance is very high, the décor is heartwarming, and it is a good-humored business. Lake view It is an ideal place especially for a weekend getaway with a pleasant coffee or an authentic menu.

Location for CLICK.

Yes; weto youFirst Unique to Antalya We talked about food and where you can eat. Then select some Our venue recommendations OK. Of course, it is not limited to these. In a city with a modern and deep-rooted past like Antalya, there are dozens more businesses where you can look at its flavors. Traditional and shabby, stylish and glamorous… No matter what venue you go to, but Antalya gastronomy definitely explore. I wish you delicious trips.

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