Antalya Camping Areas – 57 Free Camping Areas with Fee

If you have started researching Antalya camping areas, this guide is for you. Antalya camping areas offer a holiday opportunity that combines nature, sea and beach components for all holidaymakers. It brought together tent camping, caravan camping and bungalow accommodation options for you.

Why are camping areas preferred for accommodation in Antalya?

Although this is a personal preference, it is the first choice of those looking for a cheaper holiday and a different experience. Holidaying in nature from a coastal town attracts the attention of adventure holiday lovers. Thanks to Antalya’s magnificent natural beauties and unique beaches, this holiday is very popular now. If you are interested in camping tent, caravan, bungalow accommodation options and want to have a unique experience, you can make your choice by examining the camping areas below.

Accommodation options in Camping Areas

In the list we provide, accommodation options are listed as follows:

Tent camping

Antalya Tent camping

In this accommodation option, you can bring your own tent to the camping area. In addition, there are facilities that rent tents for the day from the camping area. In some camping areas; WC, shower, breakfast and dinner facilities are also available.

Caravan Camping

Antalya Caravan Camping

You can easily stay with your caravan in these paid and free camping areas. Some camping areas may apply extra services and fees. After making your selection on the map below, you can contact the campsite manager to get information about the fees.


Antalya Bungalow Resorts - Trend Cheap Holiday Option

With the bungalow holiday accommodation option, which has become a trend in Antalya, you can have a more affordable holiday instead of high hotel prices. In general, these camping accommodation services close to the beach are quite good without interfering with your routine needs.

Here is the Antalya Camping Areas Map

You can make your choice by examining the comments, prices and images of these carefully created camping areas.

Antalya Tent Rental

If you have decided on a camping area, you are ready to stay by renting a tent. We offer you the easiest way to rent a camping tent in Antalya. You can rent the tent and equipment of your choice within minutes by filling out the tent rental form below.

*It includes a sleeping mat and sleeping bag depending on the person you choose. *You can make multiple selections and if you want more than one of the same tent, let us know in the notes section.
Minimum rental is 2 days.

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