Antalya Boat Tour – Bays Advice and Routes

Antalya Boat Tour; Antalya, one of our cities whose population increases rapidly when summer comes, attracts great attention with its touristic potential. The city, which hosts pleasant summer towns and touristic districts, is almost a tourism paradise. In this southern city where sea and sun meet with many activities and activities, the long duration of the season is a very important advantage. In Antalya, where holidaymakers are interested in every season, many entertaining activities can be done from skiing to paragliding, from trekking to rafting.

Boat tours are the leading activities that guests are most interested in in the summer months. Daily or overnight boat tours are one of the favorite entertainments of those who want to enjoy the sea in the Antalya region all day long. If you say that you cannot have a holiday without enjoying the sea and the sun, you can find all the details you need to know about Antalya boat tours in this article. 

Antalya Boat Tour Options

Boat tours from Antalya and nearby districts attract great attention with swimming breaks in pleasant bays and the pleasure of cruising on the boat. Among the boat tours that can be taken from Antalya Fishing Shelter, Setur or Kaleiçi Marina in Antalya, there are daily and overnight boat tours and moonlight tours.

Antalya Daily Boat Tours

These tours, which are usually made every day of the week from Kemer port, start at 09:30-10:00 in the morning. The daily tours, which last about 6 hours, end towards the evening hours at the same point after visiting the most popular bays of the area.

Antalya Daily Boat Rental

If you have requests such as spending time with your loved ones or not waking up early on your holiday, then renting the boat completely is an alternative. You can get a price quote from the companies that organize a boat tour for a special tour for you and your group covering the routes you want in the daily boat tour.

Antalya Blue Cruise

Blue cruise tours starting from at least 3 days are one of the most favorite options of the holiday on the boat. As is customary, it is possible to enjoy both the sea, the sun and the life in the sea on the blue cruise tours with wooden gulets. You can either consider only cabin rental or complete boat rental.

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Antalya Boat Tour Visited Bays – Route

Each of the Antalya boat tour companies may have a different route, but usually the route does not change much.

People who participate in the boat tour have the opportunity to swim by stopping in the bays below. If there is a bay that you like very much, you can ask if it stops in that bay before you join the boat tour. In the continuation of our list, we shared the phone numbers of the best Antalya boat tour companies.

Moonlight Bay

moonlight dark


Ayışığı Bay, one of the central bays of Kemer, is a magnificent location both on land and sea. Apart from Antalya boat tours, this beautiful bay, which can also be reached by road from Kemer, offers a wonderful environment where guests can spend time all day long with a calm sea and yellow sandy beach.

Beycik Buku Bay

Beycik Buku Bay



Beycik Bükü Bay, which stands out among the popular bays of Antalya, is the favorite of those who want to spend a peaceful day without mixing with the crowd on the boat tour. You can visit Beycik Bükü Bay just to stay alone with nature and enjoy this serenity.

Kiris Bay

beam bay

Map :

Kiriş Bay, which is one of the most preferred bays especially for tourists interested in diving sports, is a center of attraction with its touristic facilities and underwater color. You can also find the opportunity to see various sea creatures up close at this diving point that offers an underwater cave experience. If you plan by considering the diving boats that organize tours to the region, you can have a great time in Kiriş Bay.

Papaz Bay

Priest Bay


It is very popular in this bay where the blue of the sea and the green of the trees blend together. In Papaz Bay, which is one of the points frequented by boat tours, you can enjoy nature either by swimming or relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Especially Antalya Kumluca tour boatsYou can spend a wonderful day with your loved ones without understanding how time passes in this bay visited by .

Adrasan Bay

Adrasan Bay


Another bay that is in the focus of diving enthusiasts such as Kiriş Bay is Adrasan Bay. This bay, which is also pleasant to watch with its coastline that seems to lean on a hill, also allows you to feel like you are in the heart of nature with very few facilities. If you want, you can spend time on the boat, under the water or on the Adrasan beach.

Phaselis Bay

Phaselis Bay


You can also visit the ruins of the city in this delightful bay, which takes its name from the ancient city of Phaselis it hosts. Phaselis, which attracts guests who love cultural trips, is in an important place among the most popular bays of Antalya with its sea and historical heritage. A deep blue sea, shining sun and history are right next to you…

Aquarium Bay

Antalya Aquarium Bay


You will not be able to get enough of swimming in this bay where the sea is calm and clear just like an aquarium… This bay, where you will feel a whole with the lush nature flowing around you, is among the most popular stopping points of the region.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay Antalya


Cennet Bay, which will welcome you with a lush nature accompanied by the fascinating view of the magnificent Taurus Mountains, is one of the most beautiful bays of the region. Do not forget to keep your camera ready by remembering that you will want to take plenty of photos in the bay where you can swim in the Mediterranean with an unforgettable pleasure.

Antalya Boat Tour Reservation

In conclusion, if you’re planning a boat tour in Antalya, there are numerous bays and routes to choose from. Each bay has its unique beauty and charm, and the different routes offer a variety of sights and experiences. Whether you want to relax on a secluded beach, swim in crystal clear waters, or explore historic ruins, there’s something for everyone on an Antalya boat tour. So, don’t hesitate to book your trip and discover the breathtaking beauty of Antalya’s bays and coastline.

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