Antalya Airport Transfer

Avoid long waits at the airport by booking Antalya airport transfer. Make your online reservation by reviewing the current transfer fees and vehicle options for transfer from Antalya airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport or in both directions, under the headings below.

Antalya Airport Transfer Fees

Antalya airport transfer fees vary depending on many options. The most important of these are:

Fee according to the number of people: This model mostly applies to shared transfer. Each passenger pays a fixed fee.

Fee per vehicle: This varies depending on the capacity of the vehicle. Van vehicles for 1-6 people generally offer private transfer services. Even if 1 person or 6 people travel with these vehicles, a fixed fee will be charged. Fares may increase or decrease depending on distance.

Seasonally changing rates: Prices from summer seasons are more expensive than winter and autumn.

Fee according to vehicle class: Vehicle class varies depending on group size. Since Antalya vip transfer services carry only your group, luxuriously designed vehicles are used, the prices are higher than the classic vehicles.

Antalya Airport Price Averages by Regions

You can review the table below for Antalya airport average transfer fees and Classic 1-6 Van private transfers by region.

You can review Antalya airport transfer times by visiting our information page.

Antalya airport to Alanya80 €
Antalya airport to Side60 €
Antalya airport to Belek50 €
Antalya airport to Lara(kundu)40 €
Antalya airport to City Center40 €
Antalya airport to Konyaalti50 €
Antalya airport to Kemer60 €
Antalya airport to Tekirova80 €
Antalya airport to Kaş(Andifli)100 €
Antalya airport to Kalkan140 €

2024 average transfer prices are as in the table above. Please note that prices may vary depending on many options and distance.

Vehicle Options

As we mentioned above, vehicle options may vary depending on your needs. There are vehicles for 1-6 people, large minibuses for 7-16 people and business class passenger cars.

Vehicles for 1-6 people are divided into two classes: vehicles with ultra-luxury design and economic class vehicles.

Ultra Luxury Design Transfer Vehicle

Ultra luxury vehicles, where luxury and comfort come to the fore, offer a VIP class travel experience with less vibration, large screen TVs, free wifi, soft drinks, and well-functioning air conditioning.

Economic Transfer Vehicle

The economical vehicles option has a flat structure in terms of design. It has more economical prices than vehicles with luxury design. It has free wifi, free water and air conditioning that works well in extremely hot weather. It is the most suitable option for those looking for budget-friendly transportation.

7-16 Seater Minibuses Transfer Vehicle

There are vehicles with rows of seats (1-16 pax) for groups of more than 7 and vehicles for 10 people with ultra-luxury design.

Among the private transfer options, depending on your group size, there are classic Mercedes sprinter vehicles with a capacity of 1-16 people and Mercedes sprinter vehicles with VIP design with a capacity of 1-9 people.

The difference between VIP sprinter vehicles and classic sprinter vehicles is the same as the difference between vito vehicles.

In the shared transportation option, you share the vehicle with other people you do not know who are traveling like you. It costs less and you pay a flat fee per person.

Note: Remember that shared vehicles stop at many points on the route to drop off customers. In the private transfer service, the vehicle takes you directly to your destination. It won’t stop unless you want to stop.

Why should you book online in advance?

We recommend that you make a reservation at least 4 days in advance of the flight date. The answer to the question why you should make an online reservation is; A reservation that follows your flight when your plane lands, meets you by name at the exit gate, and allows you to reach your destination quickly will save you from complicated situations and paying more fees (valid for private transfer services). You won’t have to worry about looking for a car when you land at the airport. Please note that you can pay twice as much for the vehicle you find on the last island.

Antalya Airport TAV

Antalya Airport Transfer – Book Now

For easy online reservation, you can make a private transfer reservation using the Whatsapp button below.


  • There is free wifi from Antalya airport. You can communicate with your driver or your agency via the internet.
  • You can search for the name of the company you made your reservation with at the exit gate. There are many desk numbers, ranging from 1-55.
  • Since there is passport control for passengers arriving from international flights, check-out time is between 30-40 hours.
  • When booking your return, make your pick-up time 3 to 4 hours in advance, depending on your location’s distance from the airport.
  • During airport transfers, give your flight codes to the transfer company.
  • Let the company know if you need a baby or child seat.
  • Learn about the fees by informing the company about your extra requests. For example, welcome packages.
  • Get an offer for your Antalya car rental needs with a driver by sending values such as day, route and km to the companies.
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